How to expand a DJ business

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I'm a dj and I love music, How can I expand my business?


How can I expand my DJ business is a huge question.  If you're brand new to the business the first thing you want to do is figure out what track you want to focus on.  Do you love mixing and clubs?  Then a club DJ track is something you want to pursue.  If you like speaking, coordinating and playing popular party music then you should consider a wedding DJ track.  Choosing a focus will help you develop and grow your business faster than trying to be everything.  It will also attract more business outside of your chosen track than if you tried to promote yourself as a DJ for every occasion.   

Once you have chosen a focus the next step is to develop your talent and skill and to promote yourself.  There are so many more workshops and training offerings in the DJ industry now than there has ever been.  Look for training that matches your interests.  Find the workshops that has you burning to know more.  Learn and put what you learn into practice.  In "Outliers" by the Malcon Gladwell he talks about people who have achieved extraordinary success. One of the biggest things that made people extraordinarily successful is that they were incredibly good at what they do.  Gladwell estimates that the common denominator between these people like Bill Gates, the Beatles etc is that they each spent 10 thousand hours practicing their skill and or art. 

While you are developing your talent and skill (which should never stop) promote yourself and what you do best.  Promote what you can do for others.  How you make wedding couple and their guests feel, what you can do for a clubs bottom line etc.  Promote yourself based on the results you can produce with the skills you have.  Become an expert at marketing and get your name out there.  You may discover after 5 years of this that you are the next big celebrity DJ.  Here are some training and development opportunities. 

Explore these sites, always do your best and good things will happen.

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