I have been a Mobile DJ for the past 25+ years. Started out with the vinyl and moved to CD and now I have a full digital System. Upgrades from The Powered amps & Passive speakers to Powered speakers back in 2011. Then this past June, I upgraded my system again and did lots of research only to find that I was going to purchase The E.V. ELX118p Powered 18" subwoofer. I run the Sub through The DBX Driverack PX. The DBX lets me Tune my speakers to every venue I play in. This has got to be the best upgrade I have made to date. The sub added that nice low and warmth to the overall sound of my system that I have been looking for and when I need that Bump, I can get it from the Sub. I am very Happy with my E.V. purchase and now I recommend The E.V. products to anyone that will listen. About a year ago, I met up with A Country DJ that does strictly country Dancer Parties and he hired me and I have been really enjoying doing this type of Events. It seems like every song I play, there is a Dance that can be done to it. So from the time I start the event to the end of the event, Everyone there is Dancing. and as a DJ, that is a GREAT Feeling. I look forward to purchasing another EV. ELX188p within the next year. but for now, this system will fill my every need. Thank You E.V. You guys/Girls are doing A Great job. Not to mention your support team. They are outstanding. Kudos To All of You!!!

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