The EV-Innovation family of loudspeakers from Electro-Voice was specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of installed sound systems. EV-Innovation currently consists of four distinct product lines that provide system designers with complementary building blocks to address the needs of a wide range of venues and acoustical challenges.

EV-Innovation is the result of the largest development program in the history of Electro-Voice. Building upon an 80-year heritage of audio design excellence proven in thousands of installations around the world, EV-Innovation systems offer an unprecedented combination of audio performance, versatility, ease of use, and aesthetics.

At the heart of the EV-Innovation family are brand-new and highly refined transducers, designed by Electro-Voice engineers – the most knowledgeable and passionate in the industry – using the very latest developmental and diagnostic tools exclusive to Electro-Voice R&D.

Consultants, integrators, and installers will appreciate the key features of the family:

  • All-new drivers – the result of the largest transducer development project in Electro-Voice history
  • Smooth, extended-range sound with consistent voicing across all models
  • EVF and EVH offered in standard "S" version or higher power capacity "D" versions; the D versions deliver lower distortion for the same output level and offer improved dynamic range
  • Wide range of coverage patterns
  • Input panel access points to test drivers without disassembling enclosure (not available on EVU)
  • Optional input transformers for 70- and 100-V systems
  • Connection options including gland nuts and NL4 connectors
  • Flexible mounting points and simplified rigging
  • Rigging safety factor greater than 8:1
  • Wooden enclosures, available in weather-resistant and weatherproof versions
  • No handles, pole-mount receptacles, or feet
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