EV Innovation Formulated for fixed install

EVA delivers the advantages of high-performance line arrays in an install-friendly product. Each enclosure contains two line array elements. Up to six modules can be hung vertically for a total of twelve line array elements that can be driven passively from a single amplifier channel.1 Internal rigging hidden behind cosmetic panels gives EVA a clean look that fits in almost any setting. EV's Hydra™ plane wave generator, ensures effortless mid- and high-frequency reproduction at high output levels. EVA Design Assistant (EVADA) software facilitates fast, straight-forward system design.

  • Modules consist of two 2-way systems
  • Passive crossover networks
  • Hang and drive up to four enclosures passively without DSP
  • Simple rigging with cosmetic covers make arrays suitable for any design aesthetic
  • Matching subwoofers can be flown with the array or located on the floor
  • Horn patterns include:
    • 90° x 6°
    • 120° x 6°
    • 90° x 20°
    • 120° x 20°

1 Up to eight modules (16 array elements) can be driven from a single amplifier channel if the optional EVA-AM attenuation module is used on the bottom two enclosures. A 50 Hz high pass filter is recommended for EVA modules.

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