EV Innovation Formulated for fixed install

EVF loudspeakers are compact, front-loaded, systems with 12- and 15-inch woofers. The line includes both full-range systems and sub woofers in configurations that provide an attractive combination of high performance and modest size in a cost-effective package. Although EVF systems can be biamped, highly sophisticated internal fourth-order EQ/crossover networks provide superb passive performance. EVF is the successor to Electro-Voice's popular FRi and FRi+ series. EVF expands on the capabilities of those lines, by adding supplementary low-frequency systems and more coverage patterns.

  • All 12- and 15-inch enclosures and the 18-inch subwoofer have the same height
  • Passive crossovers with passive/biamp switch card
  • Can be arrayed in mixed clusters of EVF and EVH systems
  • Available with seven rotatable, Constant Directivity Horn patterns1
    • 40° x 30°
    • 60° x 40°
    • 60° x 60°
    • 90° x 40°
    • 90° x 60°
    • 90° x 90°
    • 120° x 60°

1EVF systems with 12" woofer not available with 40° x 30° horn; systems with 15" woofers are not available with 120° x 60° horn.

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