EV Innovation Formulated for fixed install

EVH coaxial, horn-loaded loudspeaker systems provide pattern control as low as 500 Hz. This makes EVH a particularly effective choice for environments in which reverberation time (RT60) exceeds 2.5 seconds. EV's Constant Directivity Horn technology directs more sound at the sound-absorbing audience and less at reflective room surfaces. The results are increased voice intelligibility and musical clarity, as well as even coverage over the listening area.

  • 500-Hz control translates to less "spill" on stage, reducing the chance of feedback under a loudspeaker cluster
  • High maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion
  • Biampable, but sophisticated internal crossover and EQ networks make cost-saving passive operation very attractive
  • 15" horn-loaded woofer, rotatable high- and mid-frequency horns
  • Pairs with EVF subwoofers
  • Available with six rotatable, Constant Directivity Horn patterns
    • 40° x 30°
    • 60° x 40°
    • 60° x 60°
    • 90° x 40°
    • 90° x 60°
    • 90° x 90°
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