N/DYM Series Studio Microphones by Electro-Voice
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N/DYM Series Studio Microphones
Instrument microphones from EV‘s N/DYM Series have established new standards in capsule structure, ergonomic design and outright impeccable sonic performance. From the N/D468‘s exceptional tone and ease of placement, to the N/D478‘s versatility as being great on just about any sound, to the awesome N/D868 kick drum sound, N/DYM Series studio mics will turn a good sound into a GREAT sound.
  • Powerful N/DYM neodymium magnet structures
  • Fast transient response produces highly detailed sound
  • Very high SPL handling
  • Ergonomic body designs allow easy mic placement


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Designed specifically for horns, drums, and acoustical and electric guitars, the N/D468’s large-diameter voice coil (up to 50% larger than other mics) provides a sound that’s natural yet powerful and articulate. A unique pivoting-head design ensures perfect mic placement, while the supercardioid pattern provides superior off-axis rejection and acoustic isolation in any application.
More durable and natural sounding than the other  “industry standard” instrument mic, the N/D478 is ideal for miking drums, percussion or guitar amplifiers. Its integrated VOB™ technology reduces resonant distortion at low frequencies. The N/D478 also does a great job as a vocal microphone.
The N/D868 is truly a top performer in any application, thanks to its ability to handle incredibly high sound pressure levels without distortion. With a frequency response specifically designed for the perfect kick drum sound, the N/D868 has been applauded by drummers and engineers the world over.