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Electro-Voice makes it easy for you to make certain that you’re using the best combination of frequencies for your situation every time with the ClearScan technology that comes as a standard feature on all R300, RE2 and RE2 PRO wireless systems. And with the R300, you can instantly synchronize your transmitter and receiver through the EZsync IR connection.

To guarantee the best wireless performance, you need to understand the largest potential sources of interference before you invest in a system. The Electro-Voice Frequency Band Selector is a free, online tool that helps you do that in a matter of seconds.

Simply enter your zip code and select an Electro-Voice or Telex wireless system. The software quickly checks your location against FCC databases. It then shows you which frequency sets are available in your area and which are least likely to be negatively affected by local broadcast activity.

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Disclaimer: This tool should only be used as an estimation and not a definitive information source. This tool does not test for other RF sources that may be present in your area. Contact Technical Support at 1-800-392-3497 for more information or if you would like to use multiple microphones in the same area.
Recommended Frequency Bands*
* Ranked from best to worst
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Detailed Interference Analysis
Display all Channels in the area
Transmit Radius Display
Select a channel on the left to view its position and transmit radius on the map
Learn about the Band Selector while we get data from the FCC
The recommended frequency bands show which bands for your product will give the best results.
The bands are ranked, with the top band having the best performance.
Interference is calculated based on the station type, location, and signal strength.
is strong interference. Do not use any channels with strong interference.
is medium interference. Try to stay away from medium if possible.
is weak interference. The good areas of this channel can be used.
is an open channel. These are the channels available to use.
Mouse over a channel number in the table to view more information about it.

From here you can plot the contour of the station's broadcast by using the Map button.
Call Sign: KMSP-TV
Channel: 9
Type: DT
ERP: 30. kW
Full FCC Listing