Electro-Voice for Japan’s first four-way line array installation

September 30, 2009

Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan can seat up to 10,000 people and plays host to 900,000 guests annually. A leading venue for amateur and pro sports events, the hall also regularly features concerts by top musicians like Eric Clapton and Yumi Matsutoya, as well as a wide range of exhibitions. In February 2009 the hall upgraded their sound system with state-of-the-art equipment from Electro-Voice.

The circular arena’s single central loudspeaker cluster had difficulties covering the elevated north and south seating areas, and needed to be replaced with a system that could uniformly cover each seating area. Line array loudspeakers were the obvious answer, and compact XLVC (X-Line Very Compact) series systems fit the bill perfectly.

“In February 2009 the hall upgraded their sound system with state-of-the-art equipment from Electro-Voice.”

Using the existing speaker installation frame in the center of the hall, a 10-unit XLD281 array was installed to address the north and south sides of the hall. The XLD’s combination of software controlled performance and 120-degree horizontal coverage brings balanced, highly intelligible audio to all four ends of the arena, saving the system designers the time and expense of installing a delayed, distributed system.

In addition, eight XS212 subwoofers were installed to ensure concert quality performance for an increasing variety of events, for both live and playback audio. To cover the dead spots below the unique center cluster, designers installed an FRX+660 speaker system, offering exceptional stable frequency response and directivity control. The system upgrade also includes a Klark Teknik DN9848E signal processor.

Equipment List

36x XLD281

8x XS212

1x FRX+660

4x KT DN9848E

System Integrator: Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., LTD.System design, Installation and management: Nagoya City Housing & City Planning BureauEVI Audio Japan, April 2009Photos: Yoshiaki Yamaguchi

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Equipment List

120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

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