Quebec Festival A Great Success with Le Groupe SPL and EV

July 29, 2005

From the 78-input Starmania Symphonique to chartbusters Simple Plan and stalwart rockers ZZ Top, Le Groupe SPL handled each with unsurpassed professionalism and sound. As a provider of the finest audio equipment available today, Le Groupe SPL relied on Telex Communications’ brands Electro-Voice (EV), Midas, Klark Teknik, and Telex.

Head sound engineer Jacques Boucher remarked of the EV/Midas/KT/Telex system used for the event: “I have often worked with other line arrays and it was my first time with EV’s X-Line™ for this outdoor venue. In using EV’s IRIS software for P3000-RL Amplifiers, and KT’s EQ’s and processors, I have been amazed by how quick and easy it was to get precisely the sound I was looking for. During eleven days and for a total of thirty-five shows, from symphonic concert to trash metal bands, every FOH sound engineer, including myself, was thrilled with the tuning and the performance of the system.“

“I’m very confident that this will become the new standard here!”

Emeric Demangel, sound engineer with Le Groupe SPL, commented: “The venue is a free field, almost flat, with a bump of 17’ from 600’ to 700’ from the stage. The mixing position was at 147’ from the stage, so we were really close. The first challenge was to achieve excellent coverage for the entire field while keeping an SPL level coherent at the mixing position. (Too much SPL means not enough for the rest of the field.) It was difficult for us to bring enough distance between each P.A. side (only 70’). Of course, this reduced the overall stereo effect.“

Demangel continued: “The second challenge was to provide bass frequencies as far as possible. (The classic problem of long distance diffusion of very low frequencies). I resolved both problems with the EV LAPS software, especially for the subs. The software showed me how to increase the diffusion of 2 dB all over the field. I used (8) EV X-Subs flown and two stacked on the floor. The sound engineer in charge of the event, Jacques Boucher, and I decided to put a high pass filter on the Xvls and Xvlt at 65 Hz to transfer the energy where the system needed it. It also gave us more precision on the low frequencies. We then aligned the phase between the X-Sub and Xvls at 80 Hz.

After that, all we had to do was trim down a couple of frequencies, and that was it. It was really sounding great. Most of the sound engineers who were mixing didn’t even touch the EQ. I used a delay tower of (6) EV XLC compact-format line array loudspeakers to help the sound climb the hill at the end of the field.

I controlled the P.A. with the latest version of EV’s IRIS (Intelligent Remote Integrated Supervision), thanks to EV’s technical support guru, Ethan Wetzell. It makes everything possible! Controlling everything in the rig, knowing if any speaker is broken or even checking amp temperature makes my job really easier.“


With regards to the extensive monitors set-up, Demangel continued: “We used EV XW15 monitors with a Klark Teknik DN9340-DN9344 rig to EQ. The response of this system was incredible! Everybody was really happy with the sound. We also used a pair of EV Xi-2153 with 2 EV Xsubs as side fill. This combination is really perfect for vocals. We did an EQ for vocalists and one for instrumentalists. It was really easy to switch; you just have to push recall! We provided a wireless system to control the Klark Teknik Helix rig - which meant that every sound engineer was happy to be able to control the EQ at the exact position of the artists.

Mixing Rig

The choice of Midas consoles (XL200 and Legend 3000) was a winning shot. The sound and the features of these desks and the huge choice of effects we had onboard made everyone happy. We linked both consoles via the masters and auxiliary SUB input. It permitted us to provide any effect to any console.

It was a big success, the X-Line responding perfectly for the needs of the festival. In past years there was a V-Dosc system, and a lot of people were surprised by the performance of the EV system comparing to V-Dosc. I’m very confident that this will become the new standard here!“

Equipment List, P.A.


(20) Electro-Voice X-Line Xvls

(4) Electro-Voice X-Line Xvlt

(6) Electro-Voice Xi-1152/64

(18) Electro-voice X-Line X-Sub

(6) Electro-Voice XLC 127+


(24) Electro-voice P3000RL for the Xvls and Xvlt

(8) Electro-Voice P3000 for the X-Sub

(3) Electro-Voice P3000 for the XLC

(2) Electro-Voice P2000 (for the Xi-1152)

(2) Electro-Voice P1200 (for the Xi-1152)


(1) Klark Teknik DN9848

(7) Electro-Voice Dx38

(2) Klark Teknik DN9340

(1) Klark Teknik DN6000



(22) Electro-Voice XW15

(2) Electro-Voice Xi-2153

(2) Electro-Voice Xi-1123

(2) Electro-Voice X-Line X-Sub


(8) Electro-Voice P3000 (for the XW15)

(8) Electro-Voice P1200 (for the XW15)

(1) Electro-Voice P3000 (for the Xi-1123)

(1) Electro-Voice P1200 (for the Xi-1123)

(1) Electro-Voice CP3000S (for the Xi-2153)

(1) Electro-Voice CP1800 (for the Xi-2153)

(1) Electro-Voice P3000 for the X-Sub


(12) Electro-Voice Dx38

(1) Klark Teknik DN9340

(4) Klark Teknik DN9344


(1) Midas XL200

(1) Midas Legend 3000


(1) Telex BTR-800 Base Station

(4) Telex BTR-800 Bodypacks

Le Groupe SPL VP/GM, Daniel Lambert, remarked on the festival: “For us, it was a huge success. Given the sheer amount of logistical and technical issues, and how smoothly and effectively we were able to meet these, it was a great 10 days for us. The shows sounded great at the hands of our professionals Emeric Demangel and consultant Jacques Boucher. And, talk about reliability: All of our equipment worked flawlessly - absolutely no issues. We have put a lot of investment and faith in the brands Electro-Voice, Midas, Klark Teknik, and Telex - and it has really paid off! We look forward to similar festivals, tours, and corporate/AV events. We are 100% certain that we can meet and exceed any technical production deadlines out there and do it with the utmost of sophistication, grace, and professionalism.“

President of Le Groupe SPL, Michel Lambert, on the festival: “We were really excited to have this opportunity - that is, providing all of the production needs (audio, lights, video) for the main stage (Scene Bell) during the full ten days of the festival. Given the technical requirements, we felt very confident in our chosen brands of equipment - Electro-Voice, Midas, Klark Teknik, and Telex. Besides offering great-sounding and reliable products, they also boast one of the most professional inside and outside sales and technical staffs we’ve every worked with. Acoustik GE’s owner Gilles Elhadad was there at every step of the way as we’ve grown from an upstart of brothers doing DJ gigs and clubs to one of the largest production providers in the Eastern provinces. We look forward to an even stronger future!“

Jacques Lambert, Operations Manager: “The festival was a great time for us. I know very intimately all of our equipment and worked with Emeric and Jacques to make sure we were providing the best system possible. Take for instance the length of the field and the anticipated number of concertgoers - what a feat. However, we were able to choose the right system for the SPL, coverage, clarity, and intelligibility required. In fact, we heard from many people that they had never heard a system sound so good at Abraham Plain. That really says it all, as well as traveling engineers coming in, looking at the system, listening to our and EV’s presets and rarely changing a thing...“

About Le Groupe SPL

Founded almost 30 years ago by the three Lambert brothers, Le Groupe SPL has parlayed its dependability, professionalism, and unsurpassed customer service into continued growth and success over the years. Le Groupe SPL has 35 full-time employees and an additional roster of top-level audio professional consultants. Its main office is located in Québec City and there are three other branches in Trois-Rivières, Montréal and Mont-Tremblant. Le Groupe SPL is the official supplier of IntraWest in Mont-Tremblant and has others officials customers in the province of Québec.

Through its participation in over 10,000 events. Le Groupe SPL has gained tremendous experience in sound, lighting, and technical organization. At each event, Le Groupe SPL has met to the challenge of innovating and finding ways to improve the quality of services it offers.

Whatever services it provides - lighting, sound, or audiovisual - Le Groupe SPl always works with top quality products and equipment that are used and appreciated around the world. Whatever the customer needs - giant screen presentations, simultaneous translation - Le Groupe SPL has the equipment and specialists.

Le Groupe SPL’s electrical division is the biggest temporary electrical hookup company in Eastern Canada. Like all the company’s teams, this division evaluates the customer’s genuine needs and suggests safe and reliable solutions.

Le Groupe SPL can also tackle the logistics of an event whether it’s a conference, exhibition, show, or something else.

About the Festival

The organizers of the Québec City summer Festival, presented by Bell, unveiled their 2005 events programming under the heading of the Grands événements Desjardins. For a second year running, Canada’s leading credit union federation has associated its name with the section of the 10-day festival dedicated to five core events.

Some 25 years after being given its premiere, Starmania, the ultra-famous rock opera by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger, staged a comeback in a starlit symphonic version presented as the main kick-off event of the 28th edition of Québec City summer Festival, on Thursday, July 7 at 9:00 p.m. on the Scene Bell. The great lyric singers of Québec joined the Orchestre symphonique de Québec with Simon Leclerc to create a simply unforgettable evening.

Currently riding a wave of astonishing glory, with more than 2,000,000 copies of Still Not Getting Any sold worldwide, the Montreal-based pop pop-punk band Simple Plan played one night only, July 9.

Desjardins Symphonique

This exceptional concert, which debuted in 2004 at the 18th Monteal-based Coup de couer francophone festival, combines he poetry of Richard Desjardins with the subtle arrangements of Gilles Bellemare who, for this year’s event, will be directing the Orchestre symphonique de Quebec. The finest jewels from the repertoire of this trailblazing singer-songwriter will glitter in new settings. Fifteen years ago, in 1990, Richard Desjardins was awarded the Prix Miroir prize for outstanding French-language song by the organizers of the Quebec City Summer Festival, who are delighted to welcome him back on July 9th and 10th.

ZZ Top

On July 10th rock “n’ roll legends ZZ Top took the stage at Scene Bell, where they performed to nearly 100,000 concertgoers. The group, which has been performing for 35 years, was welcomed heartily by the throngs of Texas-rock devotees who came to see the trio perform for their very first time in the province of Québec.


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