Crystal-clear sound in Nuremberg's Church of Saint Jacob with Electro-Voice and DYNACORD

November 29, 2010


-- One of the oldest churches in Germany was recently equipped with a new sound reinforcement system

-- Built around equipment from DYNACORD and Electro-Voice, the installation is flexible and designed to accommodate a wide variety of events

-- The acoustic design and its implementation were the work of Barowski AG

The evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saint Jacob in Nuremberg is one of Germany's oldest places of worship. Built in around 950 AD, the church, which seats around 350 people, is used today not only for religious services but also for lectures and concerts. For this reason, a new sound system featuring components from Electro-Voice and DYNACORD was recently installed there.

Due to the complexity of the building, the installation in the Church of Saint Jacob represented a considerable challenge for the audio engineers – especially since the client attached great importance to intelligibility and flexibility. As well as being suitable for a wide range of applications, the system had to be easy for non-specialists to operate, failsafe, and capable of blending unobtrusively into its historic surroundings.

Barowski AG of Nuremberg was the company charged with the acoustic design and its implementation, and Managing Director Michael Barowski selected products from DYNACORD and Electro-Voice for the project. Of the eight DYNACORD CPS-320 sound columns specified, four were installed in the nave and four in the chancel. Sound reinforcement for the gallery is provided by two Electro-Voice S-40 compact speaker systems, with a further pair assigned to organ monitoring duty. In the pulpit and lectern (known here as the 'Ambo'), optically unobtrusive EVID FM 4.2 in-wall speaker systems have been integrated. Signal amplification is via two EV PA4150L and four EV PA2450L power amplifiers, with control provided by an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 digital controller and an Electro-Voice DC-ONE loudspeaker processor.

"Thanks to the vast array of possibilities offered by the freely programmable digital control center and the scalability and expandability of the system, we were able to accede swiftly and without difficulty to each new request submitted by the client as the project progressed," reports Barowski. Barowski AG has relied successfully upon DYNACORD and Electro-Voice products for years. "Their high quality, coupled with the invariably courteous yet highly competent and professional service offered by the manufacturer, are powerful arguments, we feel, for offering these brands to our customers as well," Barowski adds.

For further information, visit snapshot, gm, November 2010 Equipment list Saint Jacob's Church (extract) Control, recording, radio

1 x Electro-Voice N8000 NetMax (16 mic inputs / 16 analogue outputs, + 300 MIPS DSP expansion)

1 x Electro-Voice V DC-ONE (nave L/R + delay + gallery to increase the number of output channels)

1 x touch panel for control, 1 wall panel at the ‘Tech Station'

Loudspeakers and power amplifiers

8 x DYNACORD CPS-320 sound columns (nave L/R from row 2-3 + L / R delay)

2 x Electro-Voice EVID FM 4.2 InWall speaker systems (lectern for R / pulpit for L, in each case front row 1-3)

6 x Electro-Voice S-40 compact speaker systems (4 serving gallery; 2 as organ monitors)

2 x Electro-Voice PA4150L power amplifiers

4 x Electro-Voice PA2450L power amplifiers

Mobile sound rack

1 x DYNACORD CMS 1000 mixer

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Equipment List

EVID 4.2
Dual 4" 2-Way Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

Dual 450 W/CH Power Amplifier

Quad 150 W/CH Power Amplifier

Ultracompact 5.25" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

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