Electro-Voice and Bosch sound solutions for Melbourne International Airport Duty Free store

February 23, 2011

F1RST Tax & Duty Free has opened their new Departures store at Melbourne International Airport. The new store has been beautifully designed to allow travelers to walk through one of the best duty free offerings in the country, if not the world.

After successfully completing the Sydney Duty Free store, Saltec was employed to provide a first-class audio system to match the sophistication of the store. Of course, they did not have to look any further than world class audio products from Bosch and Electro-Voice!

“The performance of the Bosch speakers for this application is ideal as they are more directional than other speakers, providing less overflow,”

A key feature of the store is its five ‘Hotspots’ – key advertising and promotional areas for products being targeted for extra marketing. As well as screens running off a media player, each Hotspot has its own set of speakers providing specific audio just for that area.

A total of 26 Electro-Voice EVID 4.2T surface-mount speakers and 135 Bosch LBC3099 ceiling speakers are utilized in the store. Hotspot 1 has four EVID 4.2T; Hotspots 2, 3, and 4 have two EVID 4.2T and three LBC3099 each, whilst Hotspot 5 has two EVID 4.2T and four LBC3099. The liquor bulkhead has ten EVID 4.2T and the MAC retail area has five LBC3099 speakers.

The remaining Bosch LBC3099 ceiling speakers are used as zone speakers throughout the store, split over three background music zones.

Saltec opted to use Bosch and Electro-Voice speakers because of their cost effectiveness and total reliability.

“The performance of the Bosch speakers for this application is ideal as they are more directional than other speakers, providing less overflow,” commented Chris Azzopardi, Saltec’s project system engineer. “And, in particular, the Electro-Voice EVIDs are a nice size to compliment the screens in the Hotspots.”

Each Hotspot has an Electro-Voice remote PWS-4 Programmable Wall Switch and volume control managed by two Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 networkable digital signal processors with multiple input and output cards.

“Bryan Davidson was very helpful in assisting us with the design and installation,” said Chris. “We have twenty input sources to twelve output sources, allowing for further expansion in the future if required. The NetMax is a good, solid, and reliable unit, which means we’re not out there every couple of weeks trying to change over amps or input cards!”

Completing the family of Bosch products are four Dynacord PCL1225T two-channel power amplifiers and Electro-Voice CPS4.5 four-channel amplifiers with RCM810 Remote Control Modules.

Equipment List

CPS 4.5
500 W per channel 4-channel amplifier

EVID 4.2
Dual 4" 2-Way Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

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