Launch of EV’ X-Line Very Compact™ and First International Telex Concert Sound Academy in Orlando Florida

February 21, 2005

As well as presentations on pro audio equipment from brands under the Telex Communications corporate umbrella (EV, MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK), the academy featured special guest presenters offering general instruction and information for the concert sound industry. EV users from the USA arrived early to attend the X-Line Very Compact product launch and Midas/KT demonstrations at Orlando First Baptist Church on Saturday the 12th.

The three-day series of demonstrations, seminars and social events brought together an unprecedented number of EV users from around the world, representing Telex/EVs’ commitment to customer support, education and the sharing of information and resources through networking. Academy guests - primed by their business success with EV concert sound reinforcement equipment - were eager to see and hear the X-Line Very Compact line array, an addition to the X-Line and XLC lines that reinforces EV’s position as manufacturer of the world’s most solution-specific line arrays.

“the academy featured special guest presenters offering general instruction and information for the concert sound industry.”

Saturday, February 12th, 2005 (USA guests only): Orlando First Baptist Church

Guests from the USA were introduced to the X-Line Very Compact in this impressive House of Worship by EV Director of Product Management Christian Glueck, who discussed the challenging design process of achieving full bandwidth coverage and pattern control in a very compact line array, using a new incarnation of the HYDRA™ HF planar wave generator. EV Director of Concert Sound Mick Whelan then described the business potential of the new addition to the EV family of line arrays, along with how the X-Line Very Compact fits in to EV’s line array philosophy - all about customer-driven new solutions for new applications. That said, it was time to listen to a variety of styles of music at various SPLs. The Very-Compact walked the walk after the talk was talked, and then it was time to go behind the grille with EV VP of Engineering Bill Gelow.

Bill gave a very informative presentation on the engineering people - specifically engineer DE Carlson - and philosophy that has kept EV at the top of their game, focusing on the evolution of ideas and designs that culminated in this latest line-array offering, and the new components that make it all work. The new DVX3150 woofer and ND2S driver are products of a company that competes with itself to excel - rather than with other manufacturers, pushing components to breaking points that far exceed their required tolerances before considering their performance as acceptable. In the same token, the X-Line Very Compact represents a meeting of minds with decades of experience in loudspeaker design from outside the company, the most noteworthy being Jeff Berryman, whose consultancy on the X-Line Very Compact R&D process was invaluable.

In keeping with Telex’s ’Total System Solution’ approach to the design and manufacture of its pro audio equipment, Midas/Klark Teknik US Sales Manager Matt Larson gave a Midas/KT update centered around the new 16-buss Midas Siena console and Klark Teknik Helix digital EQ.

International Telex Concert Sound Academy Daily Agenda

DAY ONE: Sunday 13th February


At Full Sail - the USA’s top school for the production arts - Bill Gelow presented EV’s engineering philosophy to the assembled international guests in a classroom setting. Bill discussed the new transducer program that produced the ND2S driver and DVX3150 woofer. Issues discussed included: performance versus dollar investment, the right ingredients for the job (high density steel, Neodymium magnets, etc), radically improved cooling, extended VHF response, improved summation, and the amount of time and money EV spent on intentionally breaking their prototypes as well as building them!

Christian Gluek then presented the X-Line Very Compact to the international guests from the “Problem/Solution’ perspective that drives EV product development, followed by a LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software) presentation from EV Director of Special Projects Monte Wise intended to fine tune the guests’ skills. After lunch, Mick Whelan discussed the marketing requirements for the X-Line Very Compact, along with its enormous potential across a wide range of markets. Mick again stressed the importance of producing customer-driven products from development to delivery, and further solidifying an international community of Telex/EV users as a means of streamlining the lines of communication and the flow of resources between manufacturer, company and client.

After a presentation on exciting new technologies from Midas/KT from Midas MD John Oakley and Head of Design Alex Cooper, it was off to Universal Studios Amusement Park to unwind in style (see photos).

International Telex Concert Sound Academy

DAY TWO: Monday 14th February


Renowned instructor for all things pro audio, SynAudCon’s Pat Brown, gave a morning of technical instruction in a classroom setting at Full Sail, before the guests got on the bus and headed for Universal Studios Sound Stage 23 for quite a surprise…

As the doors opened on the hangar-sized sound stage at Universal, guests ears and eyes were treated to an unprecedented feast of line array technology. EV’s behind the scenes crew flew all three of EV’s line arrays - X-Line, XLC, and the new X-Line Very Compact in right and left arrays of about equal vertical length (X-line 6 boxes, XLC 8 boxes, X-Line Very Compact 12 boxes) for comparison testing and individual demonstrations. The X-Line Very Compact system is comprised of the XLD281 main array element, XLE181 ultra-compact single 8“ option and theXS212 side-loaded sub. “Oohs’ and “Aahs’ abounded, and cameras clicked feverishly as the international guests finally heard and saw the Very Compact array that they’d already heard so much about…

Once adjusted to this audio extravaganza, the guests were seated for a systems overview from Mick Whelan, along with refresher courses on the design, performance and effective usage of each member of the EV family of line arrays. The afternoon was all about listening, and each array was put to task individually with a range of musical styles and SPLs, with and without subs, so guests got a comprehensive A/B/C test to determine the best arrays for their field of business. World-renowned FOH Engineer Robert Scovill (Matchbox 20, Def Leppard, Tom Petty) then artfully tuned the system from FOH (on a Midas Heritage 4000) using 24-track playback - followed by rounds of applause, after which Monte Wise carried out the first “roadshow style’ demonstration of the X-Line Very Compact. After a jam-packed day of equal parts audio education and enjoyment, it was back to the hotels for quick rest before heading to SeaWorld for a dinner amongst the sharks (see photos).

International Telex Concert Sound Academy Daily Agenda

DAY THREE: Tuesday 15h February


Back at the soundstage for a morning of system tuning and tweaking instruction, kicked off by Live Sound International Technical Editor John Murray’s presentation on EQ’ing systems using Pink Noise. Robert Scovill then took the floor for a demonstration on EQ’ing the system using SMAART® software. Then it was time to listen to the theory in practice in another ear-opening listening session. Next, the first of two “celebrity panels’ - comprised of Robert Scovill and Alabama Systems Engineer Phil Scobee - discussed their experiences in the industry from a decidedly “before and after line array’ perspective, and then answered questions from the crowd - their stories and insights were a real treat, from two very humble and personable gentlemen of the industry. Next up were two equally modest titans of the touring industry, company owners Dave Shadoan (db Sound Image) and Albert Leccese (Audio Analysts). Longtime friends Dave and Albert offered great insight into what makes a good sound company tick, and what makes business, performance and reputation last. Their discussion was especially useful to the owners/employees of younger companies in the audience, and they closed the academy sharing a lot of stories and a lot of laughs.

All in all, the academy was a runaway success: networks were extended and the EV community was galvanized by the caliber of the academy’s hosts, special guests and the exciting products demonstrated. Being part of the global EV family feels good!


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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