Electro-Voice introduces the TPI-5 Touch Panel for NetMax systems at InfoComm 2012

June 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV, June 13, 2012 -- Electro-Voice is introducing the TPI-5 Remote Touch Panel for NetMax systems at InfoComm 2012.

The TPI-5 is a display interface device for the control and monitoring of Electro-Voice NetMax systems, and is configured and programmed using IRIS-Net PC software and an Ethernet connection. The shallow depth of the assembly allows for convenient mounting into most standard walls.

One of the most important aspects of how a system is operated is the user interface. IRIS-Net allows fully customizable Graphic User Interfaces for any application and any kind of user. IRIS-Net includes a large library of graphical elements, such as buttons, faders, LEDs, and display objects, and allow a programmer to fully customize the look and feel of any control objects within the software project. Programmers can create clusters of controls called User Controls and save this in a personal library for future use. 

This level of customization creates projects that are attractive and easy for users to understand and operate, regardless of their technical knowledge and ability. The TPI-5 allows the extension of these custom user interfaces into remote locations through the use of a compact, rugged, and robust hardware package designed to the highest of quality standards.

Key features of the TPI-5 include:

  • Custom design of the control surface – Custom graphical user interfaces via IRIS-Net, with functionality and graphical representation for all kinds of applications.
  • Long life span and noiseless operation - No fan, no hard disk.
  • Reliable server technology – The TPI-5 can operate independently or in conjunction with additional IRIS-Net applications to provide maximum flexibility.
  • High Durability – The TPI-5 is built to industrial standards, ensuring robust and reliable operation in even the most demanding of environments.

Equipment List

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

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