New Indianapolis venue The Music Mill opts for double-duty sound solution from EV’

January 7, 2005

“The main room here holds around 650 people, and has a corner stage 36-feet wide and 16-feet deep. The room was designed to host live music, corporate meetings, and other special events. Our QRx monitor rig - comprised of QRx115/75™ and QRx112/75™ boxes - was installed because of its ability to sound extremely good in a passive mode, though, with the flick of the switch, QRx can also be turned in to a more powerful bi-amped wedge with equally impressive results. Not only is the QRx extremely versatile, it kept us within budget without cutting corners on quality. Because the room is often set up for special events where quality playback sound is key, the wedges have to do double-duty. They work great as front-fills for the immediate left or right of the stage, and the rotatable horns make them as precise as they are flexible - a feature you don’t find on other manufacturer’s mid-level monitors.“

In a similar sense, Scott explained why Midas Verona is ideal for The Music Mill: “In the same token, the Verona was selected primarily because of its quality and flexibility versus its price point. I first encountered Midas consoles when I was in school - the larger format XL series boards. The Verona has the same outstanding EQs and preamps that built Midas’ reputation, but in a smaller package. At this level of production, Verona offers us everything we need and nothing we don’t - all with “Big Midas’ sound. Our Verona wears two hats, providing FOH and monitor mixes from a single position. The 560 has all the inputs, outputs and subgroups we need to do this, and do it without any compromises in sound quality or user-friendliness.“

Equipment List

QRx 112/75
12" Passive Loudspeaker

QRx 115/75
15" Passive Loudspeaker

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