Political Productions Use Dynacord COBRA-4™, EV and Midas Equipment at Election Campaign Rallies Across the U.S.: REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC Candidates’ Messages Heard Loud & Clear

October 4, 2004

Political Productions Group (www.politicalproductions.com) provides a comprehensive range of production and staging services for political events of all sizes, the most high-profile being the presidential campaign trail rallies that peak in attendance right around the time of the summer party conventions. Political Productions – who have a fleet of trucks at the ready around the U.S. - has produced political events for over 20 years, during which time they have built a preeminent reputation in their field. Their clients have included six U.S. presidents, dozens of U.S. senators, representatives, governors, and major political organizations. Political Productions is contracted by both major parties.

When it comes to sound reinforcement equipment, Political Productions use PA systems that are in equal parts durable, reliable, high performance, and simple to set up and transport. This explains why they have had so much success with the Dynacord Cobra-4™ compact line array system at rallies around the United States this summer, some of which attracted crowds of over 60,000 people. Used in conjunction with the weatherproof EVSx600PI™ dual-element vertical line array loudspeaker system, the Cobra has proven itself a pint-sized powerhouse up for the challenge of both parties’ grueling campaign schedules. As Political Productions CEO & Founder David Grossman reported, the compact Cobra system carries enough headroom to step up to the challenges of these major events – at which attendance numbers are never completely predictable – and all in a “plug in and play” package that fits in the back of a small truck.

“The sound dispersion from the Cobra boxes is fantastic – it was hard to even see the stacks amidst all the people, but you could certainly hear them!”

Grossman commented: “We just finished two different major political events - one in Portland, Ore., with 62,000 people, another in Tacoma, Wash., with 40,000 people in attendance. Jon Bon Jovi performed an acoustic set at both rallies. With a crowd this big, you’re really dealing with what amounts to a very large rock concert setting, complete with the big-name performers.”

Grossman added: “The standard system we use for these larger events is comprised of a Cobra-4 system (six Cobra-4 Top™, two Cobra-4 Far™ and eight Cobra PWH™ boxes), along with towers of dual EV Sx600PIs, EV Sx300™ front-fills off the stage, EV CP2200™ amplifiers, EV FRi-28LPM™ monitors, and a Midas Venice 320™ console. Our systems are put to work across the country - for example, we just did an event in Charleston, W.V. with John Edwards, and another major rally in Cincinnati with John Kerry, followed by Vice President Cheney the next day in Cincinnati, and the First Lady in Saginaw, Mich., the day after that. The consistent performance of these rigs is certainly an element of a successful campaign – especially when it comes to positive media coverage and audience participation. Even at the Portland rally, with such a huge crowd, everyone heard every word. The sound dispersion from the Cobra boxes is fantastic – it was hard to even see the stacks amidst all the people, but you could certainly hear them!”

Grossman continued: “Using the Cobra in conjunction with the Sx600PI has really worked out for us, allowing us to meet any crowd-size contingency from day to day, with full control and clarity in a compact, rugged package. The Cobra subs in particular are amazing, and usually one per side provides ample low end. During the last election, we were using 18-foot towers with dual EV Sx500PI™s, and were impressed by how tough and genuinely water resistant they are. The last inaugural parade was all Sx500PIs – it rained, but it sounded great! I really do believe in the plastic molded enclosures that EV pioneered: not only do they last longer and look better after a season out on the road, but they are more precise and predictable when it comes down to both DSP and acoustic measurement.”

Grossman concluded: “Our biggest compliment came recently at the Portland rally. One of the presidential candidate’s senior staff came off the press bus and said ‘Guys, I’ve never seen this before – the national press corps cheered when they pulled up and saw your truck!’ They knew they’re going to get good sound, and that makes everybody’s job easier.”

Chief Technician Jason White works for Political Productions’ and its sister company Pegasus Theatrical, based in Southfield, Mich., Jason puts in some serious mileage with Political Productions’ rigs during election year on the campaign trail, and mixes such a wide diversity of events and rallies that only the most flexible PA system available will suffice. Indeed, as Grossman mentioned, these are some of the biggest audiences ever to have been on the receiving end of the Cobra’s mighty sonic power, highly-controlled long throw and wide dispersion. White gave a report from the road:

“I agree with David that the most obvious advantage with the Cobra System is that it’s so quick and easy to set up. I’m part of a team of four guys, and that’s more than enough manpower to haul this system around the country during a busy pre-election season, with large events to run on a daily basis. I’d also say that, pound-for-pound, this line array system has more punch than anything else I’ve ever worked with, and many of the people I’ve mixed on the Cobra have said the same thing. The boxes are super-compact, and the pre-wired DSP/drive rack helps us set up quickly without making any compromises – attention to detail is built in. Couple the Cobra with the Midas Venice 320, which is also as tough as it is superb-sounding – there’s nothing that can beat those mic pre’s and EQs at that size – and it’s unbeatable.”

White added: “The Kerry rally in Portland was, I think, the biggest political rally so far this season. There were 62,000 people out there, and everybody heard every word – I could even hear sound reflecting off buildings half a mile away! The Cobra System really has become the staple in our diet – the election campaign tour is our busiest time, and the Cobra helps us deliver the goods, day after day. Our standard rig also uses four Sx600PI boxes near the stage – two a side. In Portland I filled in an area holding about 12,000 people with those! We definitely put the Sx600PI to the test in terms of durability and weatherproofing, and they passed every time. The FRi low profile monitors we use on stage and the Sx300 front fills are the only other loudspeakers we need to meet any audio production scenario.” Photo by Sharon Farmer


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