Spitzer Music brings new life to New Life Church with EV’

December 13, 2004

Alamo, Cal. (November 2004): Concord, Cal.-based Spitzer Music recently installed an EV sound reinforcement system at New Life Church in nearby Alamo, Cal. Spitzer Music VP Graham Cooper reported: “The system, which also included two large video screens and projectors, was completed at the beginning of November, and has really improved the worship experience at the Church. We replaced a system comprised of upper-line components from another top speaker manufacturer. We took those down and put in a pair of EV Xi-1123A/106F™ three-way, high-output speakers (above), and added an EV Plasma™ P2 18“ powered subwoofer. We’re using an EV Dx38™ as the crossover and EQ. We used three of the new lightweight CPS™ amplifiers to tri-amp the mains in dipole mode. We have great gain-before-feedback - tons of gain - and the sound is really crisp and clear. We placed the Plasma sub on the main platform to augment the low end at floor level.

Equipment List: (2) EV Xi-1123A/106F™ (1) EV Plasma™ P2 powered sub (1) EV CPS™ 2.4 (1) EV CPS ™ 2.6 (1) EV CPS™ 2.8 (1) EV Dx38™ digital signal processor

“the coverage over the seating area was perfect.”

Cooper continued: “Skip Godwin at (EV reps) Progressive Audio Sales was involved in the project from day one. He came along at the beginning to scope out the room and offer ideas for an equipment list, and was there to help us place, angle and aim the speakers a couple of weeks ago. He then came back after the job was finished to assist in programming the Dx38. Working with EV means working with the best people, as well as the best products. We’ve used the Xi boxes in a number of other installations, and know they sound great. We all agreed the100-degree horn pattern would be ideal for this room, and that two boxes would cover the room perfectly. We were so confident with the Xi boxes that we installed and aimed them without an EASE™ model. Sure enough, the coverage over the seating area was perfect. Now the speakers are installed, we’re using an EASE™ model to determine placement of some acoustical treatment panels that will be necessary to counteract the rooms echo, which was already greatly diminished by putting in the Xi boxes. For this particular install, beginning with better quality components in a better-aimed speaker was the way to go. The Church is very happy with the system. They have an 11-member band and praise team - that’s where you really hear the difference. The vocals and instrumentation are crystal clear across every bandwidth, whatever the appropriate SPL level might be - things are as sonically defined at 90 dB as they are at 105 dB. Full-bandwidth articulation at low volume is as important as having plenty of headroom for the live band. The Xi boxes handle both scenarios perfectly.“


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