Newsflash: EV showcases X-Line Advance at USITT

April 8, 2015

EV brought its brand-new flagship X2 line-array loudspeaker system to the USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) 2015 Conference & Stage Expo in Cinncinnati, Ohio at the end of March. EV was one of eight manufacturers that participated in the Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo at the expo (sponsored by Live Sound International magazine and Pro Sound Web). Here's a quick overview of the event:

  • Four demo sessions on Wednesday and three on Friday gave attendees a chance to separately compare large format systems and portable system from each manufacturer.
  • A total of 298 USITT conference attendees took the opportunity to listen; some were present for ALL of the full demo sessions.
  • EV showcased the new X-Line Advance X2 line array system, powered by EV processing and amplification.
  • This was the first time that the new X12-128 subwoofer was played in public; the X12-128 delivers the highest LF output of any EV subwoofer to date and was designed to complement the new X1 and X2.
  • There was no “winner” since this was a demo, but anecdotal feedback was universally positive.
  • EV also featured the smallest member of the ETX powered loudspeaker family -- the 2-way, 10” ETX-10P. Paired with two ETX-15SP subwoofers in cardioid configuration it delivered a well-balanced sound image that filled the room as easily as some of the larger portable systems on display.
  • X-Line Advance is in the final stages of pre-production tweaking and we expect it will be available for shipment in May 2015.
For more info, please visit the X-Line Advance microsite:
“available for shipment in May 2015.”

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