Aristocrats on the road with Electro-Voice

October 15, 2015

Rock supergroup The Aristocrats—along with long time EV endorsers The Travis Larson Band—recently completed 46-dates on the North American leg of their 2015/2016 “Tres Caballeros” world tour, including shows in Canada and Mexico. The band wanted a great monitor system for their tour and looked to EV for a solution. Consistent, excellent sound allows the group to really engage with each other on stage, and knowing the stage sound will be the same every night from venue to venue is critical to the execution of their highly progressive, intensely difficult music.

When looking for suggestions for a suitable tour monitor rig, Travis Larson suggested EV’s premium ETX series powered speakers, which he has been using on tour for the last year and a half. When rehearsals started, it quickly became clear to The Aristocrats that ETX provided the clarity, headroom, and control they needed every night. Here’s what the band has to say about ETX:

“There's nothing better than playing in a dialed in, good-sounding environment. And EV is able to deliver that in very solid and pleasant way.”

The Aristocrats is the kind of band that thrives on spontaneity – we always try to surprise each other on stage, so having the ability to hear all of the dynamic nuances in each other's playing isn't a luxury: it's a necessity. I think it's fair to say that our onstage performances became both more comfortable and more consistent when we adopted our EV monitoring system; this development, needless to say, is The Opposite of Bad ;-)

Guthrie Govan

I am admittedly the "Monitor Princess" of The Aristocrats, which means I'm the pickiest about the mix levels, tone, and pure volume (I like a lot). I personally place a special burden on the monitor drivers themselves: I want lots of punchy kick drum and bass guitar, in addition to a healthy amount of Guthrie's screaming guitar. Our EV monitor array stood up to every challenge I threw at it, and gave me exacting detail of what both Marco and Guthrie were doing at every millisecond, while also giving me what I needed from my bass guitar downstage. They passed the audition with flying colors, and I know for a fact we played better, more consistently adventurous shows because we had the EVs along with us.

Bryan Beller

"With The Aristocrats, being a trio, we sometimes travel barebones and have to rely on local sound supplies and many other challenges that the road throws at us. After taking the EV monitors with us on the last tour, it became clear pretty quickly that from now on this configuration could become an essential part of our touring experience. There's nothing better than playing in a dialed in, good-sounding environment. And EV is able to deliver that in very solid and pleasant way."

Marco Minnemann

The Aristocrats’ tour continues with ETX on stage in Europe this November!

Equipment List

15" Powered Loudspeaker

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