Electro-Voice brings superior sound to Changle Sports Center

June 1, 2016

A great help to the First National Youth Games
  • On-site atmosphere enhanced with an integrated professional sound solution from Electro-Voice
  • Various Electro-Voice loudspeakers precisely address spaces throughout the center
“We will continue to promote EV solutions at more places, so more people can experience this superior level of sound quality.”

Many people are looking for a healthier life in modern society, and sport centers are flourishing in meeting this demand. The Changle Sports Center in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province in China, is a good example. The facility successfully hosted the National Youth Games of 2015, which proved the Games’ importance to the sports industry in the region. Fuzhou Haman Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a partner of Electro-Voice (EV) parent company Bosch, chose EV professional audio solutions for the entire project.

Changle Sports Center was an important host venue of the National Youth Games, and its sound-reinforcement system faced unique challenges. EV has a wealth of experience in providing stadium sound system solutions, and the performance its loudspeakers, amplifiers and processing products won the center's interest.

"We heard about this project as early as 2012, and we know such long-term projects usually require a lot of planning and coordination,” says Chen Wei, general manager of Fuzhou Haman Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. “For the sound reinforcement of the stadium, the first version of the design made by the Design Institute was to use a centralized installation. After visiting the venue together with EV's technology team for multiple discussions with the Design Institute team, we specified a system design including 46 EVH horn-loaded loudspeakers in a distributed pattern, and 44 XLD line-array loudspeakers featuring a three-way design using CCT (Coverage Control Technology) to precisely control horizontal coverage down to 250 Hz. The XLD loudspeakers can be used in bi-amp configuration via a sophisticated internal passive network. In addition, 16 Sx300PI compact two-way loudspeakers are used for stage monitoring and streaming."

43 EV P-RL series remote-control amplifiers were selected to power the speakers, ensuring an optimal match in sound quality. With its durable build quality to withstand transport, high-power Class AB design, ultra-low distortion and excellent audio performance, P-Series amps ensure sonic clarity even at peak volumes with heavy loads. They also offer state-of-the-art IRIS-Net-controlled DSP technology, providing such functions as system monitoring, signal routing, IIR filtering, level control and dynamic processing.

"This project started in the middle of 2015, and the system made its debut at the National Youth Games in October. With such a tight delivery schedule, the Bosch/EV team was a great help in supplying all the equipment on time," added Chen Wei. "It was also a challenge for us to install the system at a pre-set point in time. Time was tight because the design had been updated. We had to re-calculate the load-bearing points, and the results required confirmation by the design institute before implementation; furthermore, the external suspension settings were done, yet the room was not completed, which meant we could not place our processors and amplifiers in it; when the room was ready, there would be a very short time for us to install. Therefore, teamwork and time management were key. "

With the joint efforts of EV's team and Fuzhou Haman, the project passed inspection smoothly, and both the project contractors and the owner were satisfied with its overall performance. The solution proved itself with an exceptional performance for the National Youth Games. Chen Wei also noted: "We will continue to promote EV solutions at more places, so more people can experience this superior level of sound quality.”

About Changle Sports Center:
Changle Sports Center has world-class facilities to host a wide range of sports, including a stadium, a multi-purpose hall and a swimming pool. The stadium covers an area of 21,400 square meters with a capacity of 13,500 people. The multi-purpose hall can accommodate up to 3,000 spectators with an area of 22,720 square meters, which is divided into several function halls including a match hall, training center, badminton courts, table tennis courts, taekwondo and gym. The swimming pool, with an area of 10,500 square meters, can host 1,000 spectators. Supporting facilities include outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts.

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Equipment List

Weather-Resistant 12" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

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