Telex EVI Group (China) Hosts First Technical Academy

October 5, 2005

The conference was held in Shanghai’s Qianhe Hotel, with invitations drawn out to 50 Chinese distributors from all over the country. Several professional consultants were invited along to give lectures during the technical training sessions.

The sessions were organized to help distributors more effectively communicate with each other, improve their technical competence and thereby organize a technical contact network through touring, lectures and discussions, etc.

“This year’s training course was comprised of three parts: lectures, on-site tours and examination. ”

This year’s training course was comprised of three parts: lectures, on-site tours and examination. Lecture content covered professional products, architectural acoustics, electronics and synthesizer theory, digital processing principles and system debugging skills, microphone technology, EASE sound field design, public broadcasting systems design and use, cooperative theatre design discussions, internal communication systems, effective use of entertainment venues, sound quality assessment, after-sale service and network repair. Though the lectures were limited in time, there was a thick atmosphere of discussion; each distributor listened to the lectures intently, while many jotted down meticulous notes. Many distributors said they felt the course was rich with content and all found the experience rewarding. Some distributors even went so far as to say this course gave them a sense of enlightenment, as if, after completing the course, they finally understood acoustics!

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