The Vanguard, Sydney, Opts for Telex Pro Audio Solutions

October 25, 2005

Inspired by a trip to New Orleans, the owners wanted a state of the art PA system and contacted Felix (John) from Danger Sound. Felix had recently installed a Cobra Line Array system at the Roundhouse (University of Sydney) that he was very impressed with, and thought it might also be an option for The Vanguard. After contacting Bryan Davidson, National Contracting Manager, APAC Audio Pty Ltd, the project quickly came together.

Bryan did some preliminary investigations and went out on-site as the venue was being built. After building an EASE model, Bryan determined that a conventional PA comprised of conventional front-loaded trap boxes was not suitable, as the venue was quite narrow. “We needed something that had less than 20 degrees in the horizontal plane otherwise it would have hit the walls and bounced around. Also the venue has a mezzanine level so we needed to find a way to get sound up to the mezzanine and down to the floor without having to use delays or any other boxes that would introduce more interference and create an overlap and therefore lower intelligibility“ said Bryan.

“We have so many bands in here, everything from Midnight Oil to Vince Jones to overseas artists, Missy Higgins, etc and I can’t rave about those wedges enough. They’re really clear, loud and accurate.”

The obvious solution was a Dynacord Cobra Line Array. Traditionally, the Cobra is 120 degrees in the horizontal plane and 15 degrees in the vertical plane, so Bryan came up with the idea of rotating the boxes 90 degrees. “This would give us only 15 degrees in the horizontal and 120 in the vertical plane, thereby keeping the sound off the walls. Having a wide vertical plane allowed us to fire the sound up to the mezzanine and indeed down to the floor area at the same time“ remarked Bryan.

As The Vanguard was still under construction, Felix took owner John Cass over to the Roundhouse for a demonstration of the Cobra Line Array system. Felix comments, “I think he was quite blown away that something so small was filling this room with deadly accurate sound. Even now I’m still quite amazed by the tightness of the line array itself - you can literally stand at a point and see where it stops and where it begins.“

It took a couple of weeks after the opening for the boxes to be flown correctly. Originally they were stage-stacked and in the wrong direction and the sound was bouncing off the walls. Once the boxes were flown and rotated correctly, the room sounded sensational. “You think it sounds good down here then you go upstairs and it just sounds that little bit better again. The mezzanine sounds phenomenal it really does. It just thumps up there. The kick is incredibly tight“ remarked Felix.

Another problem encountered after The Vanguard was built was that the mezzanine level ended up being not as high off the ground as it was originally designed. The consequence of this was an acoustic shadow towards the rear of the building. The solution Bryan came up with to overcome this problem was to install a couple of minor delays to the very rear part of the room.

The Vanguard has also been fitted out with a full set of Electro-Voice microphones, a Midas Venice front-of-house console and a Klark Teknik DN360 signal processor. Due to tight deadlines, there was some pressure to use second-hand gear, but as Felix states “ Bryan was very helpful and the bottom line is the nuts of the system, the speakers, the amps, the mics, the desk and the front-of-house graphics are all what I wanted. I’ve used virtually every PA in the world, from every brand. And, when using it night after night, I’m so glad I have got this PA.“

Felix also commented on the effectiveness of the EV T221M wedges. “We have so many bands in here, everything from Midnight Oil to Vince Jones to overseas artists, Missy Higgins, etc and I can’t rave about those wedges enough. They’re really clear, loud and accurate. The most important thing actually is that they sound a lot like the Cobra system itself which is really important because we’re running the monitors off the FOH system.“


(6) T221M Monitors

(2) CL1600 Amplifier

(1) RE510 Microphone

(3) 767a Microphone

(7) N/DYM 468 Microphone

(1) N/DYM 868 Microphone

(2) N/DYM 478 Microphone

(1) N/DYM 967 Microphone

(1) COBRA-2 PWH system

(2) EVID 6.2 Surface Mount Loudspeakers

(1) P900RL Precision Series Remote Amplifier


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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