Heaven Davis

December 10, 2004

Heaven has been singing since she was a little girl performing for her grandmother. In a recent interview, Heaven stated, “I just want to do what I do and have people enjoy it.“ Heaven sang in her church choir but could not find her niche. She states that this is her way of saying “They threw me out! I had (and still do) a big mouth, would not remain in the choir stand, and blending in with the chorus was out of the question. It just didn’t work!“ That didn’t stop her. Through her early years, Heaven performed in a number of Funk, R&B, and pop bands, discovering she loved all types of music. Heaven says that her aim is to perform a song with a feeling, allowing all of her influences to flow through.

Heaven has produced a solo CD - “Heaven Davis Live“ - and released three singles, with one of which, “You Are My Sunshine“, landing in the top 10 of the Beach and Boogie Charts and resting there for over 15 months. She has also appeared on four compilation CDs, including Darwin’s Back Porch Blues Festivals 1 and 2 and a variety of duets on other artists’ albums.

“I just want to do what I do and have people enjoy it.”

Heaven was pinned with the name “Wildchild“ from a group of students at Georgia Tech’s WREK Radio Station, where she was co-host and founder of the “Lady Katherine’s Big Booty Power House Blues Show,“ in honor of all female blues performers.

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