December 10, 2004

Main vocals: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System with N/D767a head

Acoustic guitar: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System

“the band also uses SxA250’s for monitors and the Dynacord PowerMate 600 for mixing sequences and loops via the drum kit.”

Electric guitars: EV RE-2 Pro Wireless Microphone System

Guitar cabinet mics: EV N/D478

Bass guitars: EV RE-1 Wireless Microphone System

Bass cabinet mics: EV N/D468; EV N/D868

Backing vocals: N/D767a

Drums: N/D868’s for kick and floor tom; N/D468’s for rack toms and snare; RE-200’s for hi-hat; EV RE-2 Pro

Wireless Microphone System and HM-7 headset microphone for vocals

In addition, the band also uses SxA250’s for monitors and the Dynacord PowerMate 600 for mixing sequences and loops via the drum kit.

Known for their hit songs “Hojas Secas“ (Dry Leaves), “No Me Lastimes“ (Don’t Hurt Me), “Quien Sos“ (Who Are You), “De Mil Maneras“ (A Thousand Ways), and “Tierra Suelta“ (Loose Earth), the band has become the most important group in Honduran rock history. The group was recently signed to the Sony Music label and is currently preparing the launch of their latest production “ELEMENTOS“ (Elements) throughout Central America, Mexico, Belize and Panama.

A.D.N. is the abbreviation of “Antes Diablos Negros“, or what can be translated into English as Former Black Devils. The band is comprised of four members: Carlos Mendoza (drums), Dagoberto Lozano (lead guitar), Marvín Corea (vocals) and Emilio Alvarez (bass guitar).

A.D.N. already has two hit albums under their belts and 20 years of road experience - they’ve performed throughout Latin America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama) as well as Spain. Along the way, the band has also done a good amount of philanthropic work, including participation in the following:

* A.D.N. has participated in numerous cancer marathons.

* Participation in 8 telethons.

* Participation in AIDS benefit concerts.

* Participation in Honduran Human Rights concerts.

Throughout their career, A.D.N. has collaborated in both Honduras and outside the country with international artists that include:

· CAFE NOIR (France) 1984

· * ALUX NAHUAL (Guatemala) 1988-1989-1990-1991-1996

· ENANITOS VERDES (Argentina) 1989

· SANGRE AZTECA (Mexico) 1990


· MIGUEL MATEOS (Argentina) 1993

· VILMA PALMA (Argentina) 1995


· CODA (Mexico) 1996

· SHAKIRA (Colombia) 1997

· ALEJANDRA GUZMAN (Mexico) 1997

· MALDITA VECINDAD (Mexico) 1998

· CAFE TACUBA (Mexico) 1998

· QUIET RIOT (U.S.A) 1998

· ANIMAL (Argentina) 1999

· VIERNES VERDE (Guatemala) 1999

· LOS ULTIMOS ADICTOS (Guatemala) 1999

· JAGUARES (Mexico) 2000

· RATA BLANCA (Argentina) 2001

· JUMBO (Mexico) 2001

· RABANES (Panama) 2001

· AMERICA (U.S.A) 2001


1. Single: Deja a los Chicos Rockear (Let the Kids Rock) Ind. Prod. 1986

2. Single: Centro América (Central America) Ind..Prod. 1986

3. Single: En Nombre del Rock (In the Name of Rock) Ind. Prod. 1986

4. Single: Buenas Noches esta Noche (Good Night Tonight) Ind. Prod. 1992

5. Album TIERRA SUELTA (Loose Earth) Ind. Prod. 1996

6. Album DE MIL MANERAS (A Thousand Ways) Ind. Prod. 1999

7. Album ELEMENTOS (Elements) Sony Music 2003

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