December 15, 2004

Innovating upon influences such as seminal experimental outfits My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, Mogwai are figureheads of the current “Post-Rock“ movement, a loosely bound genre concerned with moving beyond conventional song structures and stylings. Mogwai’s layered guitar soundscapes shift in oceanic swells and lulls, rather than in verses and choruses. From this perspective, the five-piece push conventional rock instruments and contemporary technology to the limits of what can still be nominally considered “rock with guitars“. They also create an intricate, almost cinematic sonic landscape in which to test the performance of new equipment - microphones, for example. Interference and feedback are potential challenges for FOH engineer Mike Guanci and monitor engineer Mick Brennan, who supervise 90 minutes of multi-layered guitar and keyboard textures, ranging from barely audible glacial guitar tones to full-bore, high SPL climaxes. High-performance mics make all the difference in such a volatile sonic environment...

With this in mind, Mogwai uses a variety of mics: N/D967 (high gain-before-feedback vocal mic), N/D468 (instrument mic), N/D868 (kick drum mic), N/D767 (vocal mic), various multi-purpose Cobalt series mics, and the RE1 wireless system. The N/D967 in particular runs the gamut during a show, with minimal vocals at maximum volume being integral to the Mogwai sound. The N/D967 is the highest gain-before-feedback performance vocal microphone on the market. Multi instrumentalist Barry Burns, manning the Vocoder via a freshly minted N/D967, commented: “Thumbs up! A big difference.“

“Multi instrumentalist Barry Burns, manning the Vocoder via a freshly minted N/D967, commented: Thumbs up! A big difference.”

The N/D967 is optimized for live vocals with N/DYM® sensitivity, and features an EV-exclusive personality switch to shape sound. Other features include a unique removable front grille assembly and pop filter for easy hygienic cleaning, a superior multistage shock mount for unmatched low handling noise, and a “Warm Grip’ handle for a more comfortable feel.

Equipment List

Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

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