Canadian Idol Winner Kalan Porter Tours with EV

April 22, 2005

London, Ontario-based The PA Shop provided the EV sound system (along with the lighting rig) for the tour, opting for XLC line arrays. The PA Shop’s Sales and Production Manager Ryan Schroeyens reported:

“This sounds phenomenal’. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

“The tour ran Feb 2nd through March 26th, and was sold out for 37 of 39 shows. Most of the shows were in theatres of around 1500 seats, with the largest being Hamilton Place, Hamilton, ON. We used ground-stacked arrays of six XLC 127+ boxes a side, with 4 EV MTL-2 subs stacked each side on the outside of the arrays. Kalan Porter had (Juno Award winner) Sass Jordan’s band backing him up for the shows - a great group to back him up on his first cross-country tour. The combination of a great band and a great rig meant Kalan was really able to rock hard on stage - this made the shows a really dynamic experience for the audiences, who had only seen him on their TV sets up until that point. Kalan did a mixed set of old and new tunes, heavy and softer tunes, which appealed to the entire crowd.

“Taking the XLC rig out saves time without sacrificing sound quality and attention to detail. We played a lot of union halls and were under considerable time restraints. The stage often had to be black two hours after sound check at most venues we played. Some nights we were torn down and in the truck under an hour after the curtains closed - the combination of easy rigging and punch for the pound makes the XLC unbeatable on a tour like this. Using the EV LAPS™ (line array prediction) software means we can precisely address the contours of a room very quickly. Running LAPS gives you the difference between good and incredible sound - it’s really worth getting the laptop out and investing the small amount of time needed to get big returns in terms of sound quality, even SPL coverage and intelligibility. It’s quick and easy to spec the venue properly, it’s quick and easy to setup and tear down - it all adds up to a great system.

“We heard positive responses to the XLC everywhere we went. At bigger venues like Hamilton Place we had union guys who’d been in the business for 20 years say it was the best rig they’d heard in along time. We had moms and dads comment on the fact that the SPL, though high, wasn’t uncomfortable - it was intelligible and distortion-free. We had sound guys from theatre venues with quality rigs of their own come up to us and say “This sounds phenomenal’. It doesn’t get any better than that!“

Tour Personnel (Selected):

Monitor Tech: Dave Mitchell (PA Shop)

Systems Tech: Luke Westlake (PA Shop)

FOH for Kalan Porter: Tony Creas


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