EV Tees Off in Augusta with Atlanta Sound and Lighting

May 9, 2006

The outdoor event was held at the famous golf course’s First Tee practice area, where event promoters Sixthman Productions assembled a stellar bill including golf enthusiasts Hootie and the Blowfish, Collective Soul, Better than Ezra and Emerson Hart from Tonic. Half way through a ten-day stretch of different high profile events that used just about every EV live sound product made, ASL used their EV XLC rig for the event, along with Midas mixing consoles. ASL’s Steve “Dublin“ Stapleton reported:

“Once again, EV XLC proved a winning combination of ease of use and high performance. Ted Kistner, our patch guy on the festival, had never flown XLC boxes before and couldn’t believe how easy the rigging system worked, how fast you can get that caterpillar of boxes up and out. The system configuration was the same as I used last year’s event: three XLC 118 subs flown above eight XLC 127+ mid highs from one point per side, with three XLC 118 subs on the stage deck and eight EV MT2 subs as a mono cluster under downstage center to fatten up the bass at the barricade.

“Once again, EV XLC proved a winning combination of ease of use and high performance.”

“Soundcheck was scheduled for first light on show day so everything had to be right the night before,“ Stapleton added. “I was able to run the PA at midnight to set delay etc., without any neighbors complaints, proving how good the EV LAPS system modeling software is. The choice of a Midas H3000 56-channel FOH console also made my life a lot easier on show day: I was able to fit all the mixes for Collective Soul, Better than Ezra and the two openers on it, making for really smooth changeovers.

“During and after the shows, we received a lot of positive comments from the audience, along the lines of: “I can stand at the front or the back and it’s the same volume - how is that? It’s usually always louder up near the front.’ That one took a while to explain! One person told us they’d seen Collective Soul over 30 times, and this show had “the clearest, fullest, finest outdoor sound’ he had ever heard. That’s the great thing about the XLC - as well as being a time saving design with a small footprint, it sounds so warm and musical with a minimal amount of tweaking. Add the Midas consoles to the mix, and you can expect to hear this kind of feedback from satisfied audience members, show after show.“

Atlanta Sound & Lighting:




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