Arizona: Brooklyn-Based Pop Geniuses Joins Cast of EV Microphone Endorsers

May 25, 2006

Arizona is four people up front. They have self-released one EP named The Sun and The Room and, as of 2006, have completed a full-length titled Welcome Back Dear Children, due to be released by Spring. The initial EP was written and recorded by Alex, Nick and Ben (described below) in a 5 day session that left them all giggling in the dark. Deems ( provided the artwork and Matt Cozin later joined the band as drummer for several shows in 2005 and contributed a drum track to the new record. Most recently, the live line-up of the band has been filled out by Andrew Dunn and James Dedakis, of Saint Jude ( Andrew Dunn, it should be noted, added some pianos to the new recording, on the songs “David“ and “On Judgment Day“.

“For samples of their extraordinary music, please visit”

Benjamin Morris Wigler - vocals, guitar, piano, erhu and additional instruments

Ben looks down at the streets from his New York City window and ponders. He doesn’t really listen to any music, aside from Metallica.

Nick Campbell - guitar, vocals, piano, drums, some additional instruments

Nick is from Cincinnati, Ohio. There’s not much else to say about someone from Ohio.

Alex Hornbake - bass guitar, upright acoustic bass, technology (wrangler)

In a manner of ways, Alex Hornbake is the Mr. Popular of Arizona. Always cool and level headed, Hornbake’s unshakable resolve is most gainfully employed towards the arrangement, coordination, and production of every Arizona song. Alex Hornbake’s signature recording sound captures music realistically to portray the nuanced drama in the melodic motion of an Arizona song. Couple this skill with his steel-trap intellect and Arizona’s bass player emerges as a formidable opponent to any technological challenge that may stand in the way of a truly great Arizona idea.

Alex is either a founding member of or crucial force behind nearly every good band to arise out of Cold Spring Harbor (his home base for many years), including fated Long Island thrash-metal band Echoes of Eden. More recently, he galvanized Atlanta with his smooth demeanor and raunchy bass tones as a member of Yellow and Green (ex.-Atlanta, Ga). New York probably won’t be able to handle Alex once he is a recognizable figure and he will most likely have to purposely disfigure his own face if he desires to peacefully continue on to his assured resting place in the catacombs of rock.

For samples of their extraordinary music, please visit

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