ASA Pro Sound Install EV QRX Loudspeakers and Midas Verona Console at Irvine, CA House of Worship

February 3, 2005

The New Community Church in Irvine, CA, took delivery on their new system just in time for the busy holiday season. ASA Pro Sound owner Craig Seitz reported: “The sanctuary at New Community Church holds around 300 people. I actually approached the decision-makers at the Church to suggest they consider a system upgrade. It’s important to let people know the options available to them, that they don’t have to settle for consumer audio quality sound when there are affordable, pro audio-quality options like this available. I simply gave the Church the assurance that they’d be very pleased with the difference, and that the congregation would really appreciate the improved clarity, which really lifts the entire worship experience.

“We’re using EV QRx boxes as mains - a great value, high performance and highly flexible speaker. ”

Seitz added: “We’re using EV QRx boxes as mains - a great value, high performance and highly flexible speaker. Two QRx 212/75™ are flown above stage left and right, running straight on a passive crossover. The Church staff is extremely happy with the new system. We got the QRx boxes on the 60-day approval program, so we could test them out in house. A week before the deadline, the Church had decided they wanted to keep them. Similarly, in terms of giving bang for the buck, the Verona is unbeatable for small churches like this. Sound-wise, nothing else at this price point comes close. You have the awesome combination of the brand new design mic amps and 8-buss flexibility. It simply feels and sounds like a big Midas. The Verona will be there as the Church grows, just as it allows them to accommodate visiting performers. Even though this is a small house of worship, the Verona brings a high level of professional performance at an unprecedented price.“

In closing, Seitz cited a key concern for Houses of Worship of this size: “One of the Church’s main concerns was that, if they decide to relocate as their congregation grows, the equipment will perform equally effectively in a new premises. We tried a lot of speakers over the preceding months, using various models during services to get a realistic sense of what they needed, performance-wise. The console and the speakers have all the design features and sonic attributes to make them both highly adaptable solutions for a Church that wants to grow without necessarily outgrowing its sound system.“

Equipment List

QRx 212/75
Dual 12" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

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