Electro-Voice’ (EV’) Launches Tour-Grade™ Amplifiers at Infocomm 2006

June 13, 2006

Orlando, Florida (June 7th, 2006): Electro-Voice is pleased to launch its new flagship concert sound amplifiers: Tour-Grade.

The TG-7 packs 7kW of sonic excellence into a 2U, 33lb package, while the smaller TG-5 serves up nearly 4kW of output power. High-efficiency Tour-Grade amplifiers use a three-step Class-H grounded-bridge design to ensure that light weight and efficiency don’t compromise audio quality or reliability. The microprocessor-controlled amplifiers have a front panel LCD screen for set-up and monitoring.

“Electro-Voice is pleased to launch its new flagship concert sound amplifiers: Tour-Grade.”

All Tour-Grade models have a rear module slot that accepts sophisticated DSP and remote control modules for IRIS-Net™. The first available module is RCM26, a 96kHz, two-channel DSP with a dynamic range of 116dB and AES/EBU inputs that allow the use of “zero-latency“ FIR and linear-phase FIR filters in addition to conventional IIR filters. It features the same unique system supervision that monitors individual components via impedance measurement-a feature made famous with the P3000RL. Later this year the RCM28 will be available, allowing for Cobra-Net™ interfaces. All RCM- modules are fully compatible with IRIS-Net™.

Tour-Grade amplifiers are designed for the highest demands in audio performance and the toughest applications on the road. The front panel LCD screen monitors all amplifier operation modes and provides additional information about mains voltage, current draw and even a fault condition log. TG amplifiers have auto mains voltage selection for 120V or 230V operation and user-selectable circuit breaker protection, allowing a TG7 to run on a one-phase 30A circuit in a typical music application. No less than seven points are permanently measured from the thermal protection system, which has three levels of output power reduction before it switches the amp into protect mode. As with all EV amplifiers, TG amplifiers are designed to offer more than 30% dynamic headroom above the continuous power rating specification.

TG-7 has 2x 2500W into 4 Ohms and 2x 3500W into 2 Ohms load; TG-5 has 2x 1450W into 4 Ohms and 2x 1900W into 2 Ohms load.

Optional Modules:

RCM26: two-channel DSP with 300MIPS, 116dB dynamic range, AES/EBU input, GPIO, CAN-Bus

RCM28: same as RCM26, with Cobra-Net™ interface (available late 2006).


Like all EV pro sound amplifiers, Tour-Grade amps are designed and made in Germany. Some of the early prototypes went out to several field tests in summer 2005 and made a lot of friends. Although production on Tour-Grade started in May 2006, they are sold out until early September already!

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