World Cup Opens with EV Sound

July 20, 2006

The World Cup opening gala (conceived by Christian Stückl, Director of the Volkstheater in Munich) gave Germany the opportunity to present its finest face to the world before a ball had even been kicked - good-humored and hospitable, but consummately professional.

“This system was conceived to absolutely satisfy all the demands of the Arena - and to do more, besides.”

The sound at this and all subsequent World Cup games played at Allianz Arena was the responsibility of Munich-based production company Wilhelm & Wilhalm, who took full advantage of the arena’s state-of-the-art EV sound installation.

Centered around the EV X-Array series, the system has been in use for every home game played by the top Munich clubs FC Bayern and TSV 1860 since the summer of 2005. The system’s excellent audio performance, reliability and streamlined user interface had already been amply demonstrated prior to the World Cup, so the opening ceremony was one home game Wilhelm & Wilhalm could approach with particular confidence.

In addition to the 67,000 spectators in the arena, the EV system also demonstrated its enormous versatility to billions of TV viewers around the world. The speeches delivered by FIFA President Joseph Blatter and German President Horst Köhler were remarkably intelligible, and the musical offerings from Herbert Grönemeyer (performing the FIFA anthem ’Celebrate the Day’), II Divo and Toni Braxton were notable for their powerful, balanced sound.

Oliver Sahm, EVI Audio’s Project Manager and Sales Manager Permanent Installation Europe, commented: “This system was conceived to absolutely satisfy all the demands of the Arena - and to do more, besides. The network linking the pro audio system to the public address / voice alarm system is unique, and sets new standards in stadium sound reinforcement.“

Equipment Overview:

82 EV Xf custom loudspeakers

72 EV Xi-2181 custom loudspeakers

96 EV EVID 6.2T loudspeakers

4 EV P900RT amplifiers

14 EV P1200RL amplifiers

53 EV P3000RL amplifiers

21 EV N8000 NetMax digital audio matrix

7 Dynacord DPM4000 digital audio matrix

7 Dynacord DPA4140 amplifiers

49 Dynacord DPA4245 amplifiers

68 Dynacord DPA4260 amplifiers

1 Midas Venice 240 mixing console with EPS1200

2 EV RE-1 CDR/D wireless mic systems

2 EV RE-1 CSB/D wireless mic systems with HM7 headworn

2 EV RE-1 CSHC/D wireless mic system

Equipment List

1x400w Single Channel Power Amplifier

2x600w Power Amplifier

Digital Matrix Page Processor

EVID 6.2
Dual 6" 2-Way Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

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