2006 Festival d’été de Québec a Resounding Triumph with LE GROUPE SPL and EV

August 4, 2006

LE GROUPE SPL and EV Welcome over 80,000 Concertgoers to Festival d’été de Québec

Twisted Sister and Scorpions Shatter all Previous Attendance Records

“Yeah, it was absolutely amazing - the huge EV P.A. sounded great!”

(Québec City, Québec) - From July 6th to July 16th, 2006, Québec-based sound/lighting/video company Le Groupe SPL provided the utmost in quality audio for the Festival d’été de Québec, held at Abraham Plain in Québec City, Québec.

From desert balladeers Calexico to indie rock heroes Galaxie 500 and Wilco to the full-tilt rocking of Twisted Sister and the Scorpions, Le Groupe SPL handled each with unsurpassed professionalism and sound. As a provider of the finest audio equipment available today, Le Groupe SPL relied on Telex Communications’ brands Electro-Voice (EV), Midas, Klark Teknik, and Telex.

Franck Fabry, Telex Pro Audio Group Director of Americas Export Sales, remarked: “I was amazed at how Le Groupe SPL engineers, like Emeric Demangel, get a combination of three different size line arrays systems (X-Line, XLC and XLE) to perform so well together. Quebec’s “Les Plaines d’Abraham’ location can be tricky when trying to optimize coverage because of its sheer size, but it sounded great and the clarity was excellent throughout the concerts. The pure brute force of 24 X-Line array top cabinets and 28 X-Sub subwoofers, coupled with straight-ahead rock ’n’ roll provided by the likes of Twisted Sister and Scorpions, wrapped you up in the music and made for a memorable night. The whole thing brought me back to the 80s... I’m starting to show my age, eh!“

In an interview with long-time EV endorser Mark Mendoza, bassist with heavy metal titans, Twisted Sister, went on record as saying that the gig, sound, and show was phenomenal:

“Yeah, it was absolutely amazing - the huge EV P.A. sounded great! I sneaked out front during the Scorpions and it was absolutely thunderous, just pounding thunder, but with tons of clarity and projection. I went all the way to the back of the 80,000-person crowd and it was absolutely amazing. In fact, you guys are going to set that P.A. up for me as a bass rig. Yeah, that’s my next bass rig, that giant EV P.A. That’s what I want… No, it was absolutely amazing. When I got there and was walking around backstage I started to see all of the EV components and I thought, wow, this is amazing, and then I realised the connection after talking to Le Groupe SPL. My soundman loved it. He said there was infinite gain, infinite clarity, and projection. I’ve played through a lot of systems around the world over decades and the EV line arrays really shine!“

EV: So what was it like to break that kind of attendance record? ZZ Top played the same festival last year to 60,000 and everyone thought it really couldn’t get any larger…

“Yeah, the promoter was not prepared for it. He said he lost count around 60,000 and he had only expected something like 50,000. When we woke up the next day and saw the front page of the newspaper, it said ’80,000’ fans. It was really amazing. Now, add in the fact that there wasn’t a bad place to stand - that the entire Abraham Plain sounded fantastic - and that’s a real testimony to the power of EV! Plus, working with audio professionals Le Groupe SPL was a real treat. Their professionalism was unparalleled!“

Le Groupe SPL VP/GM, Daniel Lambert, remarked on the festival: “For us, it was a huge success. Given the sheer amount of logistical and technical issues, and how smoothly and effectively we were able to meet these, it was a great 10 days for us. The shows sounded great at the hands of our professionals Emeric Demangel and consultant Jacques Boucher. We look forward to similar festivals, tours, and corporate/AV events. We are 100% certain that we can meet and exceed any technical production deadlines out there and do it with the utmost of sophistication, grace, and professionalism.“

Equipment List, P.A.


(20) Electro-Voice X-Line Xvls

(4) Electro-Voice X-Line Xvlt

(16) Electro-Voice XLE

(6) Electro-Voice Xi-2153

(12) Electro-Voice XLC127+ (delay towers)

(4) Electro-Voice XLC215 (delay towers)


All Electro-Voice P3000RL

About Le Groupe SPL

Founded almost 30 years ago by the three Lambert brothers, Le Groupe SPL has parlayed its dependability, professionalism, and unsurpassed customer service into continued growth and success over the years. Le Groupe SPL has 35 full-time employees and an additional roster of top-level audio professional consultants. Its main office is located in Québec City and there are three other branches in Trois-Rivières, Montréal and Mont-Tremblant. Le Groupe SPL is the official supplier of IntraWest in Mont-Tremblant and has others officials customers in the province of Québec.

Through its participation in over 10,000 events. Le Groupe SPL has gained tremendous experience in sound, lighting, and technical organization. At each event, Le Groupe SPL has met to the challenge of innovating and finding ways to improve the quality of services it offers.

Whatever services it provides - lighting, sound, or audiovisual - Le Groupe SPL always works with top quality products and equipment that are used and appreciated around the world. Whatever the customer needs - giant screen presentations, simultaneous translation - Le Groupe SPL has the equipment and specialists.

Le Groupe SPL’s electrical division is the biggest temporary electrical hookup company in Eastern Canada. Like all the company’s teams, this division evaluates the customer’s genuine needs and suggests safe and reliable solutions.

Le Groupe SPL can also tackle the logistics of an event whether it’s a conference, exhibition, show, or something else.


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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Equipment List

High-Output Dual 15” Subwoofer Line Array Element

120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

120° Horizontal, 2-Way Compact Line Array Element

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