EV XLD Ups the Ante at Akron Dinner Theatre

August 30, 2006

The Carousel’s Resident Sound Designer and FOH Engineer Jason Marshall described how the XLD has put the Carousel in a league of its own:

“This installation replaced an old dance club rig from the early 80s. The theatre needed an upgrade for the more demanding productions it wanted to produce, and the XLD was the logical choice, due to height restrictions in the room, offering the ideal combination of light-weight, compact footprint and line array performance.

“Buddy’ is the fifth production staged here with the new rig, and it’s easily the loudest.”
“We had a 36-hour window to install the system, after just a week and a half to spec, order and deliver the products. Jason Jacquemain at CL Pugh (EV reps) and EV dealers AA Sound (Barberton, OH) really went the extra mile to help make it happen on such a tight schedule. The previous show closed Saturday night, the next show’s cast was onstage for rehearsals Monday, and the first audience was due on Wednesday!“

Marshall continued: “The theatre is an asymmetrical 1100-seat room with balconies and 180-degree-plus in-the-round seating. As I mentioned, a major concern here was space in the air: there is no fly headroom in the house and no points for motors, so the boxes were installed one at a time using a ground lift. We flew three arrays of five boxes. Being as small as they are, it only took a couple of hours to get the arrays rigged up and the angles set in the air. This would have been impossible with larger array boxes, so the XLD was a real problem-solver here.

“Rather than a regular left, center, right configuration, we flew three independent arrays, each running the same send from FOH. The system is powered by EV CP1800 amplifiers (highs) and CP2200 amplifiers (lows/mids), with each array controlled by an EV Dx38 processor. EV QRx218S subs handle the low end. We used LAPS to run some application scenarios, and then tweaked the arrays to the room by ear over the first couple of days during rehearsals. We had limited access to the arrays once the rehearsals started, so the fact that the boxes sounded good running flat freshly unpacked helped a lot-we were able to focus on fine-tuning right off the bat. We now have full sonic control in the room, on each axis, from each array. We can precisely address the balconies without pounding the front seats, as was the case with old system (three clusters of trap boxes), which was very heavy-handed in comparison.

““Buddy’ is the fifth production staged here with the new rig, and it’s easily the loudest. We now have the full bandwidth, even coverage we need to reach every seat in the house with superb intelligibility, and with no complaints about either too much or too little volume. The sound quality in the theatre now matches the high production values of the shows, giving our guests a really memorable experience.“


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Equipment List

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120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

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