Grenada’S Spicemas Carnival Steps up to EV, Midas & KT

September 11, 2006

After many years spent contracting sound companies with proprietary systems for concerts organized under the banner of parent company Sunshine Promotions, Ian (Judah) St. Bernard (Director/Owner), Petroc Bernard (Engineer) and Steve Duncan (Q-West Promotion) formulated a purchasing strategy to find a single system to meet their high specifications.

“First we researched the specs on the world’s top four industry standard line array systems,“ reported Judah St. Bernard, “and attended several concerts to hear them all in action. Jim Baron (Sam Ash, New York), Petroc Bernard and myself then cross-referenced speaker cabinets from each manufacturer down to the decibel, paying close attention to their performance with various industry standard amps and limiting/EQ filters in the process. After this meticulous testing, it was clear that the X-Line was the superior line array, especially when used with Klark Teknik DN series processors and EV P-Series and CP-Series amplifiers. We were simply amazed by the system’s efficiency, and, of course, its sound quality.

“After this meticulous testing, it was clear that the X-Line was the superior line array, especially when used with Klark Teknik DN series processors and EV P-Series and CP-Series amplifiers.”

“We then passed on our system spec to the pro’s at EV to solidify the design and verify the component selection, amplifier calibration and processor programming, in order to meet the demands of our tropical work environment and venue specifications here in Grenada. This high level of hands-on manufacturer support was important to us-an immediate return on our investment.

“After the X-Line system arrived in Grenada, we had a little over a month to become acquainted with it and complete the EV Dx38 processing for our first big show. In addition to the X-Line Xvls, Xlvt, X-sub and Dx38 units, we took delivery on P3000, CP3000S and CP2200 amplifiers, QRx112/75, QRx212/75, QRx115/75 and QRx218/75 boxes for monitors, fills and auxiliary subs. At mix position, we have Klark Teknik DN370 EQs and DN9848 processing-the most rock-solid and transparent limiting I’ve ever heard. Of course, having a Midas at FOH is a must-have for a system of this caliber, and the Verona delivers the “Midas Sound’ in a relatively compact and inexpensive package.

“Our first engagement was with Sizzla and the Firehouse Band, high-energy dance hall reggae with thunderous low end and aggressive vocal melodies. The show sounded fantastic: Sizzla told us afterwards that this was the first system he’d worked with through which he could hear himself clearly over the main mix without asking his engineer to crank up the monitors. Other patrons congratulated us on the clarity of the system, and also for bringing such an impressive PA to the Caribbean. That was great to hear! This show really marked a new era in concert production here in Grenada, and things went from strength to strength from there.

“Bigger recent shows include international soca stars Machel Montano, Alison Hinds and Xtatik, all of whom love the new rig. Since they’re the region’s biggest stars, it’s been a real pleasure to do justice to their popularity with world-class sound reinforcement. Alison Hinds and Machel Montano already use EV mics, so it was great to have EV at the other end of the signal path-Alison’s engineer was also very happy when he walked into the venue and saw an EV X-Line at his disposal. At the Spicemas Carnival, headlined by Machel Montano and Xtatik, Xtatik’s engineer Shawn was equally pleased with the pure sound and masses of headroom he had to play with when dialing in Xtatik’s signature sound. After the show, he told me he loved the system, especially the X-subs, which he says have a unique, warm and punchy character that he hasn’t heard in other subs. In bass-heavy music like this, that’s a serious vote of confidence.

“Every time we set this rig up, the praise comes flooding in,“ St. Bernard added. “During his sound check, reggae royalty Morgan Heritage told us that this system should be standard issue across the Caribbean, and his road manager agreed that the X-Line was the best rig he’d heard while touring the Caribbean for the last six months!

“I’ve worked with the EV X-Line flown, stacked, indoors, outdoors, as a mobile system on a flat bed truck, in a tropical depression, in wind, rain and sun. I’ve never had any problems with this PA. We drive it close to the limit for these electrifying reggae and soca shows, but not one component has failed since we took delivery. Quite simply, investing in this EV, Midas and KT rig has proven to be the best business decision we could have made.“


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Equipment List

QRx 112/75
12" Passive Loudspeaker

QRx 115/75
15" Passive Loudspeaker

QRx 212/75
Dual 12" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

QRx 218S
Compact Dual 18" Subwoofer

Dual-18“ Subwoofer Element

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