Drummer Boy Sound Helps Miami Homeless Get Back on Their Feet with EV & Dynacord

August 23, 2005

Whilst on patrol, Cummings was troubled by the amount of homeless people he encountered without adequate footwear - or without any shoes at all. He resolved to combine his connections as a city police officer with his resources as a private entrepreneur to hold a non-profit “Shoe Drive“ event in Henry Reeves Park, Miami, to help get the city’s homeless back on their feet. Aside from shoe donations, the Shoe Drive featured live music and motivational speakers, along with food and drink for all. To ensure public awareness was raised with a loud and clear message, Cummings used his Dynacord Cobra-2 compact line array system, along with EV ZX5 & ZX4 monitors and RE1 wireless microphone systems. Cummings reported:

“As this was a charity event, we relied upon volunteers, donations and discounts to keep overhead spending to a minimum,“ Cummings commented. “Using my Dynacord and EV equipment meant we didn’t need to cut corners on sound quality. We had a basic 20 by 24-feet stage without trussing, so I was a little concerned about not being able to fly the main arrays. This wasn’t a problem: the Cobra is designed to be ground stacked or flown, and we got all the low-end and long throw we needed from stacking the boxes. The prewired and programmed DSP drive rack takes care of the fine-tuning just as quickly. When you consider the rig’s small footprint and how quick it is to unpack, stack, plug in and play, there’s really nothing else out there that can deliver this much precise, full-bandwidth coverage to 2000 people so easily. The audience could hear everything clearly 200 feet from the stage. The system was so efficient - so clean and so loud, with tons of headroom to spare.“

“ Using my Dynacord and EV equipment meant we didn’t need to cut corners on sound quality.”

Along with national Gospel rap artists Minista and Redeem, the Shoe Drive event featured many Gospel acts from across Florida. Cummings got positive feedback from the talent: “Minista told us that the rig was one of the best he’d ever performed on - he loved the bass response on the Cobra, the warmth of the ZX5 monitors, the ZX4 rear side fills, everything. The RE1 wireless handheld mics with N/D967 heads sounded great in the hands of all the performers too; as they’re designed for high gain-before-feedback situations, they were the ideal choice for both the high SPL Gospel singers and the rappers, who, because they cup the mic as part of their technique, can cause distortion to occur. With the 967 this isn’t a problem, and everything sounded really clean with minimal handling noise - another application-specific solution from EV. All in all, this might have been a non-profit charity show, but it sounded like a million bucks.“

Aside from coverage by the local NBC news network and in the Miami Herald newspaper, Harold Cummings’ goodwill was recognized with a Spirit of South Florida award.

http://drummerboysound.com http://www.nbc6.net/spiritofsouthflorida/4649548/detail.htm



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