EV Mic Endorsers The Monks Perform with EV Raven Microphones on European Tour

December 4, 2006

Berlin, Germany (December 4, 2006): EV mic endorsers the Monks recently returned to Germany to hoist their rock “n’ roll flag for the first time in 40 years. While on their sold-out tour through Berlin, Zurich, and London, the band performed with five EV Raven microphones on vocals. Chosen for its austere look and transparent sound, the Raven proved a perfect match to the band.

The band’s FOH engineer, Bruno Gebhard, comments: “I had the chance to use EV Ravens as vocal mics on the recent MONKS shows. They certainly turned out to be a great choice! They were easy to handle with regards to feedback (I had to do monitors from FOH at one show) and also seemed to show less proximity effect than, say, the Shure SM58 range.“

“EV mic endorsers the Monks recently returned to Germany to hoist their rock n’ roll flag for the first time in 40 years.”

Band founder/guitarist, Gary Burger, remarks: “The Raven looks like it dropped out of a 1950s hole in the sky! We found that it sounded fat and would cut through band clutter without problems. What we really liked is that it was so resistant to feedback and its tone was superb -good low end, good mids and good highs. The Monks play loud on stage and to present vocals through the mains and keep the band happy with monitors has been a tough job for sound engineers in the past. Using Ravens across the stage as vocal mics has cleared that up. It took me a day or two during rehearsals to get used to the idea that I had to get right on top of it to get a full vocal sound and if I were doing background vocals I’d back off an inch or two and the balance would be perfect. We were quizzed by other musicians who shared the Monk stage; all were interested due to its retro look, and then when they heard the Raven’s impressive sound they were sold as well.“

Of all of the band’s recent performances, the October 23rd show at the Volksbühne in Berlin was perhaps the most epic. With guest appearances by musical luminaries Schorsch Kamerun (Die Goldenen Zitronen), Peter Hein (Fehlfarben), Mark E. Smith (The Fall) and the Raincoats’ Ana da Silva and Gina Birch, it was quite obvious to all attendees that they were witnessing something special - something out of a time machine, but seemingly more current, ground-breaking, and revolutionary, albeit songs and presentation born over forty years in the past.

Despite the seating, the concert in the Voksbühne was anything but a sit-down occasion; the audience sweated and danced as much as the Monks as they partied in honor of their musical heroes. Fans around the world look forward to more shows as every appearance of the Monks has sold out.

Burger continues: “When the Monks take the road again next spring the Ravens will go with us. They met every expectation of what a microphone should look, perform, and sound like.“

Monks: A Little History

The history of The Monks has all the makings of a film - which is precisely what’s been made of it. In 1980, when German film-maker Dietmar Post heard for the first time The Monks’ one and only LP, Black Monk Time, it made a huge impression on him: “For me, it was an absolute revelation,“ he told journalists at the press conference prior to The Monks’ concert in Berlin’s Voksbühne. Before the band led by guitarist and singer Gary Burger took to the stage to leave listeners in no doubt as to their current credibility, the forty-odd representatives of the press were treated to a showing of Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios’s documentary: Monks - Transatlantic Feedback. The result of eight years of research, the film plunges into the archives to come up with an intimate portrait of the American band, that follows it from its founding in 1964 to its first successes, and from its break-up to the long overdue reunion of the five punk pioneers in 1999. In the view of the music critic Chris Wilpert: “the film Post and Palacios have given us is recognition this band has more than earned“.

The Monks - punk Beatles with tonsures

The band was formed in 1964 by five GIs stationed in Germany: Gary Burger (guitar, vocals), Larry Clark (organ, vocals), Dave Day (guitar, vocals), Roger Johnston (drums, vocals) and Eddie Shaw (bass, vocals). At first, the five were content to play cover versions of the hits of the day, and it was only when admen Karl Remy and Walther Niemann took over its management that the band’s characteristically aggressive, minimalistic and highly energetic sound was born. With their monastic habits and tonsures, The Monks quickly established themselves as the ’alternative Beatles’. An image that is still valid today.

For more information on the monks, please visit www.the-monks.com and www.playloud.org/themonks.html.

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