Electro-Voice XLD Brings Compact Power to Jann Arden Tour

May 11, 2007

The XLD very compact line array from Electro-Voice is fast making a name for itself in the touring industry, offering superb sound quality and control where weight and/or trim restrictions previously prohibited the use of line arrays.

“The XLD has every detail-and every seat-covered, all with minimal effort.”

Tour FOH Engineer is Gary Stokes, whose work as Sarah McLachlan’s soundman has established him as one of the most respected pros in the business. Deb Hutchins is Monitor Engineer; Rob Dolinski (Sound Art) is Systems Engineer. Dolinski and Gord Reddy (Sound Art and regular Crew Chief for Lilith Fair) completed the system design.

“Gary Stokes and I have been using 48 XLD boxes for the Jann Arden tour and it’s the most wonderful PA we have used!“ says Rob Dolinski. “We’ve been flying two arrays of 16 deep in theatres and three of 16 deep in LCR for arenas. Gary feels that, out of all systems he has ever used, this is the best-sounding rig hands down. XLD is quick to set up, it sounds great running flat-only minimal tweaking has been necessary in any of the venues we’ve visited so far-and it offers coherence and coverage you’d expect from a far larger system.“

XLD’s compact size and weight makes it easy to bring in big rig line array performance-complete with great mid range throw for vocal intelligibility-to every house, every night. Simply put, it’s hard for your eyes to believe what your ears are hearing.

“The XLD has proven extremely flexible-literally,“ Dolinski adds. “We can up-angle each array to precisely hit upper balcony rows 150ft back, while keeping the bottom boxes curved over the front rows for equally full coverage and intelligibility. XLD allows the same consistent level of sonic detailing in the wide range of different sized venues we’re visiting-made to measure performance, every night.“

The XLD system balances ease of use with attention to detail, including the level of control and supervision a one-man crew can provide. Sound Art’s XLD rig not only offers great punch for the pound in terms of performance, it also helps maximize the efficiency of minimal manpower. Dolinski starts his day by running LAPS (EV Line Array Prediction Software) to determine box angles, and then constructs the arrays, positions the fills and powers each group and zone up with EV P3000RL remote control amps running IRIS-Net software. “IRIS-Net is great because you can freely configure what particular elements you want to control, according to the particular issues in each venue,“ Dolinski says. “Some days I’ll need to dial in some HF attenuation for the front rows; other days I may address all zones in the same way. Whatever is required, IRIS-Net keeps things streamlined, precise and quick-I can tune the rig to the room by remote control from anywhere in the house. And, of course, the rig’s compact size makes it really easy for a one or two-man crew to manage.“

There are other compact line arrays on the market; what gives the XLD the edge is its warm vocal sound-an EV trademark: “The midrange is very, very smooth-great for vocals,“ Dolinski adds. “The HF response is amazing too; we’re finding every breath and nuance comes through clearly. In some venues where we have limited trim height or space, Jann might be within 20ft of the PA, but her mic is as solid as can be. We’re getting great control and responsiveness across every band pass-Gary is really enjoying mixing on this system. I’m also impressed with all the factory settings I’m using with the P3000RL amps right now; if I’m using four filters on any given day, then that’s a lot-usually it’s more like two small filters. The XLD has every detail-and every seat-covered, all with minimal effort.“

FOH Engineer: Gary Stokes

MON Engineer: Deb Hutchins

System Engineer: Rob Dolinski

System Designers: Gord Reddy & Rob Dolinski

Equipment List (Selected):

48x Electro-Voice XLD281 (2x8“ / 2x2“ two-way, 120°x10°)

8x Electro-Voice Xsub(F) subwoofers (2x18“ bass reflex)

26xElectro-Voice P3000RL amplifiers

12x Electro-Voice ZX1-90 front fills (200-watt, 8“ two-way, 90° x 50°)

Midas XL4 (FOH)

Midas Heritage 3000 48-channel (MON)

www.soundart.com IRIS-Net###

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Equipment List

120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

Dual-18“ Subwoofer Element

8" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Composite Loudspeaker

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