RY Cooder/Terry Evans Collaborator, Phil Bloch, Endorses EV Microphones

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R&D Consultant

“I believe that music is the single most powerful way to communicate. Emotions expressed through music transcend language barriers, continue on forever and can always be felt as strongly as the moment they were created. Through recordings, we have the opportunity to hear and feel what we naturally cannot - the emotional impact of music from another time. And I’m thrilled to be alive at a time when music can be recorded. I love the idea that my grooves might make someone dance or feel happy or sad - in any day and time.“

As one of the premier Rhythm & Blues drummers in Los Angeles, Phil maintains an ongoing schedule of studio and live playing, producing and songwriting. His infectious, New Orleans-influenced grooves are as sought after as his down home shuffles and straight ahead R&B grooves. From the rootsy, southern rhythm & blues of Terry Evans and Ry Cooder to the supremely soulful grooves of the King of Rock & Soul, Solomon Burke, to the discerning ear of ace Motown arranger and keyboardist Hense Powell and Louisiana’s Joseph “T’Lou“ Eaglin and his Super Hot Zydeco Band, Phil’s playing provides a solid, tasteful foundation, perfectly complimenting the songs. He’s honored to work with some of the best Artists around, and in some of the top studios and live venues in the world.

Phil has produced numerous projects, mostly in R&B, although he recently produced operatic tenor George DeMott, jazz guitarist Tom Hynes and a children’s recording featuring top U.S. and international children’s Artists, including The Chenille Sisters, Canada’s The Magpies, T-Bone, Sooz, Bethie and Australia’s Tickle Toon Typhoon. He has been receiving rave reviews for his latest production of Oscar Jordan (Eclectic Soul) and has produced new releases for Mississippi’s Ambassador of soulful blues, Terry Evans (Fire In The Feeling), jazz pianist extraordinaire Dave Mackay and Seattle R&B/Soul artist Sonny Byers.

As a songwriter, Phil has been working in a number of different areas and has had featured cuts across a wide musical area, from Terry Evans/Ry Cooder collaborations on Telarc Blues and Terry’s own Fire In The Feeling recording, to songs for Disney Imagineering. Those songs will be heard inside Disney Quest, their five-story, interactive entertainment and media buildings.

He has formed a production company dedicated to preserving American Roots Music, presenting live, “in the moment“ recordings, captured with vintage equipment and inspiring realism. Some sessions will be videotaped for future presentation through historical and musical outlets.

Performance credits include recorded and/or live performances in the U.S. and overseas with: Terry Evans, Ry Cooder, Solomon Burke, Little Richard, David Lindley, Joseph “T’Lou“ Eaglin, Marva Wright, Willie Greene, Jr., Hamish Stuart, Delaney Bramlett, Steve Cropper, Hense Powell, Jorge Calderon, George Bohannon, Tony Gilkyson, Patrick Landreville, Randy Weeks, André Thierry, Doug Legacy’s Zydeco Party Band, Tom Scott, David Woodford, Dawayne Bailey, Hans Theesink, Sonny Byers, TJ Sullivan, Mark Goldberg, Baz O’Brien, Midnight Skye, composer/arrangers Bill Fayne, Nelson Kole, Matt Harris and Lenny Stack, staff songwriters at Sony, Warner Bros. and MCA Records, and movie and television work in Los Angeles and New York for NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and various cable networks.

Since 1981, he has been a consultant for numerous companies, including Remo, Inc., Yamaha Corporation (America and Japan), Drum Workshop, Telex/Electro-Voice, Apple Computer, Korg and Alesis. He’s been directly involved in the research, development, evaluation and after-market technical support of both acoustic and digital music products. These include drums, heads, sticks, hardware, direct trigger and MIDI percussion systems, keyboards, sequencers, drum machines, sound modules, microphones and professional audio equipment. In demand have been his abilities as a performer, clinician/educator, project manager, author, session producer, computer operator, systems programmer (including FM, Additive, Subtractive, Sampling and Physical Modeling systems) and music composer.

He has worked on drum sampling and drum loop projects for Yamaha, Korg and Ilio Entertainments. His playing is featured on two highly successful drum loop projects from Ilio and hit programmer John “Skippy“ Lehmkuhl, Skippy’s Big Bad Beats and Skippy’s Noizbox. In addition to the deep grooves, interesting sonic landscapes and percussive variety offered, these CDs were among the first to incorporate the groundbreaking “Groove Control“ software.

He has worked on software and/or hardware product development with Opcode, Blank Software, Mark Of The Unicorn, Prospect Digital, Yamaha Corporation, Drum Workshop, Korg, Apple Computer, Nisus Software and Digital Music Services. As a technical expert on electronic percussion systems, Phil worked on projects with many highly regarded drummers, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Erskine, Ralph Humphrey, Dave Weckl, Alex Acuña, David Garibaldi, John Robinson, Matt Sorum and Tommy Aldridge.

Articles by Phil have been published in magazines such as Percussive Notes (the official publication of the International Percussive Arts Society), Electronic Musician, Drums and Drumming and Yamaha New Ways (Yamaha’s International Newspaper for Higher Education). He has presented many clinics on both drumming and digital technology, at all levels, from Pre-School to the University of North Texas to the International Computer Music Conference.

In addition to his other work, he co-wrote, produced, directed and co-starred in An Affair With Music, a live theatrical performance encompassing a journey through two hundred years of American pop music history using rare archival photos, digitally re-mastered recordings and live concert performances.

In the 1970s, while still living in New York, he was part of a team involved in designing, building and operating a recording studio, yielding experience as a musician, engineer and producer. He also enjoyed a good reputation as a drummer, teacher and clinician throughout the state.

Available equipment (ever changing) includes:

Various sizes and materials of bass drums and toms, wide selection of personal favorite snare drums, all hand-picked Zildjian cymbals, many additional hand percussion instruments, electronic percussion (including analog and digital sound modules and drum machine), Mac-based digital recording and editing system and several sets of reference speakers. He also has an extensive reference library of recorded music, instruments and special effects.

Endorsements include Zildjian (cymbals), Drum Workshop (drums, hardware, percussion), Remo (drumheads, world percussion, Rototoms, etc.), Calato (sticks, mallets, brushes, etc.), Telex/Electro-Voice (microphones) and Randall May International, Inc. (internal drum mic mounting systems).

Additional activities: tennis pro, jogging, bicycling, racquetball, table tennis and hiking.

Equipment List

High-Performance Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Instrument & Amplifier Microphone

Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D

Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D & N/DYM Cap

Premium Condenser Cardioid Vocal Microphone

Premium Condenser Supercardioid Vocal Microphone w/HPF

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