Alexx Calise

July 19, 2007

Equal parts chanteuse and hard rock vixen, Alexx Calise is a supremely talented vocalist. Influenced by rock ’n’ roll stalwarts Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, Calise’s style is in-your-face, yet melodic and nuanced.

To get the sound she hears in her head, uncolored and as natural as her unamplified voice, Calise relies on the Electro-Voice Cardinal condenser live vocal microphone. Besides using the Cardinal on her active tour schedule, Calise has also found it her mic of choice in the studio.

“To get the sound she hears in her head, uncolored and as natural as her unamplified voice, Calise relies on the Electro-Voice Cardinal condenser live vocal microphone.”
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“Throw your words at me, I’ll have my way with them,“ mocks young singer, guitarist and songwriter, Alexx Calise. Calise is a lyrical muse, often combining existentialism and paradoxical themes with screaming guitars and raw, vibrato-laden vocals that are just as intense and penetrable as they are warm and cherubic. Her sound is unmistakably rock ’n’ roll, though it often lends itself to many other genres.

Calise grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida writing short stories and plays, dreaming of becoming a famous writer.

Though her childhood was spent mostly alone or writing in the pages of a notebook, she always found solace in her parents’ vast record collection, which included everything from Mozart to Led Zeppelin.

“I have my mom and dad to thank for my wide musical spectrum. I was exposed to lots of very different genres that most kids my age didn't even know existed.“

And when most of the girls her age were asking for Barbie Dolls, Calise was requesting grunge CDs and developing an insatiable love for distorted guitars and wailing vocals.

“I used to idolize Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. It was such meaningful music. That’s what got me into playing guitar. Well, that and my dad. He used to play for my brother and me when we were little, and we’d sit there in awe as he’d play the James Bond theme,“ she laughs. “It was so amazing to us that he could do such a thing.“

At 11, she picked up the guitar herself and began a focused, self study course unlike anything she had previously set her young mind to. Within weeks it was obvious to everyone around her that she was a natural, moving her small, bruised fingers effortlessly over the fret boards like a seasoned pro. Before long, she was infusing her own poetry and recitations into melodies that she heard in her head. From there, she entered every talent show and performed every chance she could, eventually gaining enough notoriety to appear on the cover of her hometown’s newspaper, The Sun-Sentinel, where she now works as their youngest entertainment columnist.

In 2003 Alexx began writing Morning Pill, her debut album which recounts past experiences; some of them dark and sorrowful, some of them uplifting and inspiring, but all are meaningful and true.

Now, Alexx Calise is ready to share with the world her fresh, thought-evoking material.

“My music is a sincere reflection of my persona,“ she says. “It’s passionate, its biting, and it has an edge. It’s an open book, and this is only the first chapter.“

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