EV (Electro-Voice) Brings Together Audio Performance, Style, and Flexibility in the New ZX1 Series Speaker Systems

June 21, 2005

The ZX1portable model features integrated pole mounting, dual NL4 connectors, built-in carrying slot, and removable rubber feet with four M8 mounting studs for the Portable Music, AV rental and Mobile audio markets.

“We have 13 of these units installed right now, distributed around the exhibit hall. There are always curators in the exhibit hall - these units both act as an additional visual deterrent and assist the curators in determining the exact location of any sec”

The ZX1i indoor/outdoor installation series features an integrated QuickSAM wall mounting system, four pole removable phoenix style connectors, a choice of coverage patterns, weatherized construction and a smooth attractive profile for the Fixed Install and Commercial Audio markets.

Where other manufacturers have tried to serve these markets with a “one size fits all solution“, EV has designed these individual ZX1 versions to be specifically tailored to each market. All offer a unique package of unmatched audio performance, versatility and aesthetics, built with top quality components in an extremely lightweight cabinet.

Every ZX1/ZX1i model offers the following features:

1. Flexibility:

The ZX1 incorporates a number of built in features for simple and fast installations or setups and superior acoustic performance over other competitor’s products, including a rotatable horn for controlled performance in any installation position.

2. Big Sound:

The ZX1’s long throw 8“ woofer coupled with the EV DH2005 1-inch true compression driver has the acoustic performance of 12“ and even some 15“ boxes.

3. Compact Size:

Aside from being extremely compact in proportion to its performance, ZX1’s clean lines allow for easy integration into nearly any installation.

4. Price “Punch“:

ZX1’s extremely competitive price point will wow the user, while reinforcing EV’s reputation for solid performance and construction quality.

5. Reliability:

ZX1 features full system protection - no blow outs!

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