Hard rock stalwarts Whitesnake tour with EV mics!

June 30, 2008

Having finished the first leg of their 2008 World Tour, Whitesnake is currently in Eastern Europe playing to thousands of fans night after night. The band will be on tour until the end of the year in support of their album Good to Be Bad.

Known for their critical ear, the band demo’d several mic manufacturers before choosing EV prior to the tour’s start. The band’s FOH engineer, Bradley Johnson, remarks:

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with EV mics. I have nothing negative to say whatsoever.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with EV mics. I have nothing negative to say whatsoever. Everything on stage is EV with the exception of a pair of overheads and a pair of shotguns for audience used for the ear mixes. Here are my two cents’ worth:

EV N/D767a vocal microphone: I am using these for all the vocals (we have 4 backing vocals). They sound great, I have no problems with any “hot’ frequencies or house feedback issues. Our monitor guy likes them as well.

EV N/D478: Snare top and bottom. Again, these mics sound great, very transparent.

EV N/D468: Using these on toms. Plenty of balls here, sound great.


EV RE200: Hi-hats and ride cymbal. No problems, they sound very good, are very compact and have a reasonable amount of rejection.

EV Raven: I am using these on Reb Beach’s guitars and one of Doug’s cabinets. These mics have a plenty of horsepower! They are a bit on the bright side, but are not any worse than a 57 on axis in the center of the dust cap. I am placing them off center a little bit and cutting 2.5k and 4k on the console just a bit. Reb’s sound is a little thin to start, so this may not be a fair representation.

EV Cardinal: I am using a pair of these on Doug’s guitars with a single Raven for the dry channel. These mics are not what I expected at all. For a condenser mic they are very warm and very conservative on the top end. When used alone, there is a little darkness to them but with the Raven they make a very good blend. I was using 3 competitive mics on this rig to the tune of about $3000. With the Raven/Cardinal combo I am getting very comparable results and much better rejection. Go figure. The cost saving is amazing and I am getting a great sound. Highly recommended.

N/D868: Bass guitar and kick drum. I’m rolling off some low end on the bass guitar because it’s very heavy through this mic. I am not boosting any top end to gain clarity… It’s all there! Great mic!

All in all I am very happy with EV mics. It seems like EV has really taken a back seat when it comes to the old standards, but I would happily use these mics any day!“

Equipment List

Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Instrument & Amplifier Microphone

Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

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