EV, Dynacord, Midas & KT Impress at Major Women’S Conference with Drummer Boy Sound

October 19, 2005

“This was a challenging event for us, from a logistical perspective,“ said DBS owner Harold Cummings, “so working with the Cobra system, which matches “plug in and play’ flexibility with line array precision and coverage, was a real problem solver. For a start, this was a 7000-capacity arena with a 60’ x 40’ stage - a larger venue for us and our rig. Secondly, the 14-hour conference schedule was pretty hectic. Showtime was at 8.30am, with a lunch break at 2pm. From 3pm to 6pm we had conference seminars, and then a full-on Gospel concert that ran until 10.30pm. On top of this, we were advised that the six piece live band wouldn’t get to the arena for setup until an hour before showtime, which gave us no sound check at all. Though all this looked pretty daunting on paper, we had no problems whatsoever come showtime, and the Cobra rig performed seamlessly for all the various performances and presentations.“ Dynacord Cobra: supremely flexible for applications of all sizes“We invest in equipment that balances high performance with reliability from input to output, which is essential for a company like ours to grow into these bigger venues. Cobra is a key element of this approach: using a modular system like Cobra means we can cover 7000 people as well as we cover 700 - we simply add more boxes and adjust the presets. For this event we brought out six Cobra-4 TOP boxes, four Cobra-2 TOP boxes, two Cobra PWH subs and three Cobra amp/processor racks. This system and configuration gave us all the coverage, throw and headroom we needed, all day long.“

To ensure this consistently high performance, DBS uses gear from Telex Pro Audio brands for every step of the signal path - something Harold Cummings adheres to as a matter of principle: “Our Telex reps don’t just talk about EV mics, Cobra rigs or Midas consoles, they put them through the wringer in front of us before we make a buying decision. We saw and heard what this equipment could do before we made the purchase, and that gives us a confidence that comes through in every production we do.“ EV mics make a difference“For this event we used six channels of EV RE1 wireless with N/D767a handhelds - my vocal mic of choice“, Cummings continued. “The praise team cut through the mix with no feedback or dropout issues. This is a problem in South Florida with most other wireless system brands, but not with RE-1, which has Clearscan to find the cleanest channel at the touch of a button. For the concert we used two EV N/D 967 mics for grand piano, which blew us away. The EV N/D 967 is a vocal mic designed for high gain-before-feedback applications, and we took a gamble by trying it as an instrument mic. This paid off: when the grand piano was played during the concert, the DBS crew agreed we’d never heard a cleaner, fuller sound from an acoustic instrument in an arena. The mics were mixed on a 32-channel Midas Verona manned by DBS senior sound engineer Richard Cardenas. The Verona always gives us what we need at FOH. It’s a Midas - enough said. Coupled with Klark Teknik DN100 DI boxes, DN500 comps and gates, DN360 EQs and DN410 dual parametric EQ, we have reliable FOH control that delivers industry-leading sound quality.“ ZX1: EV’s “Little Giant“DBS used a monitor system comprised of six EV ZX1 monitors (front stage) and eight EV QRX112 monitors for the band and choir (7 total mixes). Cummings is a big fan of the new ZX1: “The little ZX1 (8“ driver and 1“ horn) surprised everyone - even me, and I own 10! When I designed the system for the show, I knew the event was being video recorded, so having a low-profile monitor was extremely important. I hadn’t used these little giants in this type of application, since they hadn’t been on the market that long. It was a gamble that paid off. The six ZX1s covered the entire stage by themselves.“

“Simply put, the system was working for 14 hours with no problems. Dynacord, EV, Midas and KT never lets DBS down.”

Cummings continued: “Carmen Hope told us that when she went up onstage to perform and saw those little monitors she was worried… until her soundtrack started. Then there were no issues - she could hear everything clearly. Similarly, Robert Henley, Technology and Communications Director for the Southeastern Conference, told us “I can’t believe how small those monitors are; they barely showed up on any video footage but sounded so loud and clean’. He went on to say that he has never heard Dynacord equipment before, but has become a fan of the product and will be looking at using the Cobra system in the upcoming leadership summit they are planning for 2006. Simply put, the system was working for 14 hours with no problems. Dynacord, EV, Midas and KT never lets DBS down.“


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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Equipment List

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

QRx 112/75
12" Passive Loudspeaker

RE-1 Bodypack
CSB-1000 RE-1 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-1 Handheld
CSH-1000 RE-1 Handheld Transmitter

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

RE-1 Receiver Dual
CDR-1000 Dual RE-1 Receiver

8" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Composite Loudspeaker

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