Bosch system chosen for world’s third tallest building

July 11, 2008

Shanghai World Financial Center installs Bosch’ s Praesideo Public Address and Emergency Sound System

“Bosch Security Systems’ Digital Praesideo Public Address (PA) and Emergency Sound System is being installed in the prestigious new Shanghai World Financial Center.”
  • State-of-the-art evacuation system meets stringent building safety standards
  • Fast response to emergencies assured by absolute message clarity free from interference
  • Open platform able to communicate with building-management, fire-alarm passenger-information and other security systems

Bosch Security Systems’ Digital Praesideo Public Address (PA) and Emergency Sound System is being installed in the prestigious new Shanghai World Financial Center. At 492 meters, the center is currently the world’s third tallest building. The structure features three floors of underground parking and shops, a conference center on floors one to five, offices on floors seven to 77, a hotel on floors 79 through 93, and finally observation and exhibition areas on floors 94 to 100. Construction has taken over ten years and since the events of 9/11 the tower was redesigned to withstand disasters such as a plane crash. Other critical safety features have also been added including twelve fireproof refuge areas and two external elevators.

The Praesideo Digital PA and Emergency Sound System is one of the latest safety features to be added to the construction. The whole installation comprises four Praesideo systems covering several zones, including the office areas, the main body and conference areas and the hotels. Consisting of 26 call stations including four customer-designed call stations, six CobraNet Interfaces for long-distance high-quality communication, over 200 Bosch (124 W, 250 W and 500 W) LBB series power amplifiers with each speaker line fully under supervision at any time, and 2400 Bosch ceiling-mount, surface-mount, horn and cabinet speakers, it comes close to being one of the largest most complex of such systems to date.

The Praesideo PA and Emergency Sound System was the first system to bring advanced digital technology to the public address market. Its digital sound quality rapidly gained a reputation for its freedom from interference and signal corruption while maintaining excellent speech intelligibility. Moreover, as well as being the first fully digital PA and Emergency Sound System, the Praesideo also complies with the stringent IEC 60849 EVAC standards and was, in fact, the first PA and emergency sound system to receive IEC 60849 certification. Part of an integrated security solution, the Bosch Praesideo’s open platform can communicate with third-party systems and peripherals such as building-management, fire-alarm, and passenger-information systems. Installation of the system was started in 2006 and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2008.

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