Electro-Voice products integral to Olympic Games

August 8, 2008

As tens of thousands of athletes, officials and spectators begin arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport for the 2008 Olympic Games, a colossal engineering and architectural marvel awaits them: Terminal 3 of the gigantic airport, which was officially opened in February 2008, one of star architect Sir Norman Foster’s most spectacular creations. Equal in size to 170 football fields, the new terminal is capable of handling up to 64 million passengers per year. In this critical environment communications naturally play a decisive role. That’s why the planners opted for the reliability and optimal intelligibility provided by Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems - among them, models ZX1i and Xi-1122.

Likewise, in the Training Gymnasium at Beijing’s Olympic center, various Electro-Voice microphones including N/DYM and RE Series mics have been deployed the seamless flow of information between athletes and organizers.

And, as at every Olympic Games of the modern era, this year’s hosts have planned an extensive series of cultural and performing arts events to keep guests entertained. In the Olympic Culture Centre, the Chinese have invested in Electro-Voice microphones to ensure outstanding audio quality.

So, before the 2008 Games are even fully underway, Electro-Voice has already proved itself an outstanding Olympian. Whatever the discipline and whatever the venue, the flow of signals, the flow of information and even the flow of visitors-from their arrival at Terminal 3 to their departure when the great jamboree is over-are in capable hands: those of Electro-Voice.

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