September 2, 2008

Electro-Voice is pleased to welcome Japanese rock band and Sony Music Japan recording artists Sambomaster to its family of endorsers. Sambomaster has developed a worldwide following since releasing its major-label debut in 2003, and continues to rise with hit records and sellout tours. Sambomaster’s unique, highly dynamic style has a wide range of influences, from raw punk power to classic rock and jazz. The band relies on Electro-Voice microphones to sound their best on the road and in the studio, using the following models: N/D967 (lead and backing vocals); Raven (toms and drum vocals); N/D868 (kick drum and bass amp); N/D478 (snare and guitar amp); RE200 (hi-hat and overheads).

“Electro-Voice is pleased to welcome Japanese rock band and Sony Music Japan recording artists Sambomaster to its family of endorsers.”

Sambomaster was formed in Feb. 2000 by lead singer and guitarist Takashi Yamaguchi and drummer Yasufumi Kiuchi. The group welcomed bassist Yoichi Kondo soon after. The group quickly built a following in Tokyo with weekly performances, and more than two years after Sambomaster was formed they played their first show outside of Tokyo in April 2002. The performance would lead to the release of their first album, “Atarashiki Nihongo Rokku No Michi To Hikariand“ and their inaugural tour of Japan in Dec. 2003.

The tour rocketed Yamaguchi, Kiuchi, and Kondo to stardom in Japan, and the Sambomaster was subsequently invited to the 2004 Fuji Rock Festival, the Rising Sun Rock Festival, and the Rock in Japan Festival where the group played to massive summer crowds. Sambomaster’s popular sound led to their appearance in the movie “Koi no mon,“ the feature-length debut of Director Suzuki Mastuo. Sambomaster also provided the theme song for the film, titled “Tsuki ni Saku Hana no ni Naru no.“ The band used their appearance to launch a second, 17-city tour in Feb. 2005.

Since their sophomore tour, Sambomaster has appeared as guests on popular Japanese TV show “Top Runner“ and provided the theme song “Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze“ for “Densya otoko“ a Japanese drama on the Fuji Television Network. The television appearances led to a massive, 32-city national tour for the release of “Boku to kimi no subete wo Rock’n roll to yo be.“ Sambomaster tours have continued to increase in size and popularity, and the group continues to be one of Japan’s most successful musical acts.

Equipment List

Dynamic Cardioid Instrument & Amplifier Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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