EV’ EVID™ Loudspeakers Heard but not Seen at the ’Sugar Hut’

February 24, 2005

Following the huge success of the original Sugar Hut in Fulham, London, owners Chris George, Gary Smith and Frazer Donaldson have taken on a 15th century coaching inn in the heart of Brentwood village. With its unique galleried courtyard playing an important role at the heart of the venue, the old hotel is now home to six different themed clubrooms, bars and restaurants. As a whole, the Sugar Hut Village holds nearly 900 people, dispersed through the Karma Bar, the Krug Suite, the Gallery Bar, the main restaurant, and other areas.

Having worked on the Sugar Hut in London and its sister venue, the KBar in Chelsea, local audio installation company Cosmic Electronics was called in to provide the all-important sound systems. “Volume just wasn’t the issue at the Sugar Hut,“ explains Mark Damon. “This is not a disco, it’s a very upmarket club, so the brief called for very precise, very high-quality audio. Nor did they want to see the actual speakers, so all the cabinets have been hidden behind drapes or concealed in decorative cabinets.“

“the EVIDs have so much output relative to their size, they’re compact and light so they can be installed onto simple wall-brackets”

Cosmic’s choice of equipment was the EVID™ ’designer’ speaker from Electro-Voice, supplied by Shuttlesound. The EVID range of compact, full-range loudspeakers was easily able to provide the power needed on the dance floor, as well as low-key background music for the seating and eating zones around the club.

“We were constrained in some ways by the fact that this is a listed building with low ceilings. However, the EVIDs have so much output relative to their size, they’re compact and light so they can be installed onto simple wall-brackets, and their performance wasn’t in the least affected by being hidden away behind cloth drapes.“

Cosmic has installed 12 EVID 6.2s, with two 18“ Eliminator subs, in the main clubroom where the dance floor is surrounded by seating. In the Gallery Bar, which is used for club members and VIPs, the formula changed slightly, calling for six of the smaller EVID 3.2 cabinets. And even more EVIDs can be heard in the Karma Bar…but not seen!

Equipment List

EVID 3.2
Dual 3.5" 2-Way Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

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