Flying Long Distance

September 29, 2008


This is an excerpt from Tom Hoving’s Long Distance Flying article for published in October 2006.

...This coming trip I will take another piece of gear, a Telex Stratus 50 Digital ANR headset. SkyGeek asked me to check a pair out.


I have owned for some years David Clark’s ANR and have used a top-flight Bose headset and know how stunningly less tired one is with a solid noise reduction system.


But I was unprepared for the digital stuff. When I flicked the switch, I thought for a second that the engine had stopped. When I did run-up, I took the headset off to hear the engine sounds. When I leaned at altitude, I took ’em off, too, to hear the right burbles before enriching. I only did that once though.

I bought a pair ASAP.


This headset has it all. It’s softer than the storied princess-and-a-pea mattress-no more Inquisition torture routine with this spiffy Telex headset. It has a built-in MP3 player and cellular phone hook-up, mono and stereo modes, AA batteries plus a power cord to the cigarette lighter. You can even obtain an attachment for a small light that ignites when you talk or breathe heavily looking at your approach plate (doesn’t everybody breathe heavily on approach?) I have a screw-in attachment for a MagLight and it worked fine once I drilled the proper sized hole through the headset plastic.

Downsides? None. The ’sounds of silence’ you get from thee Telex 50 Digital are magnificent!

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