Electro-Voice wireless microphone operation above 698 MHz in the United States

February 15, 2009

While the FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking has not been passed or made law, we are being proactive in our efforts to ensure that our customers are aware of the issues and that we are taking the necessary steps with our product lines to comply with the impending changes. At this point it remains unclear what will happen with the operation of existing equipment above 698 MHz; however, it is very clear that those products will no longer be eligible for sale after February 17, 2009.

“Our Customer Service staff in Lincoln, Nebraska is available to assist you with your frequency re-banding options and pricing.”
With this in mind, we have already successfully completed the re-banding of many systems and look forward to providing this service to you as needed. Our Customer Service staff in Lincoln, Nebraska is available to assist you with your frequency re-banding options and pricing. Please provide as much notice as possible so that we may meet your service turn time needs, and contact the Lincoln, NE Customer Service department directly at 1-800-553-5992 ext. 701 or repair.lincoln@us.telex.com for assistance.

In addition, Dave Egenberger, Product Manager, Electro-Voice & Telex Wireless Microphones has prepared some notes describing how these changes will affect our product lines moving forward, and the steps we are taking to ensure your current Electro-Voice and Telex wireless systems can seamlessly make the transition.

Electro-Voice & Telex Wireless Microphones

Electro-Voice and Telex have been moving away from bands above 698 MHz for some time, and most of our products now use bands under 698 MHz. We will be adding more frequency bands in the lower UHF spectrum very soon, but for now the following bands are to be used going forward:

· Electro-Voice REV: Bands C1, C2, and C3

· Electro-Voice RE-2: Bands G and A

· Electro-Voice RE-2 PRO: Band A

· Telex FMR-500: Band G and A

· Telex SAFE-1000: Bands F, G and A2 (680-698 MHz same part numbers as A band)

While what will happen with existing equipment in the 700 MHz band is still unclear at this point, it is apparent that those products will no longer be sold after February 2009. In preparation for the enactment of this proposed ruling, the following frequency bands are no longer for sale as of September 3, 2008:

· Electro-Voice REV: Band C5

· Electro-Voice RE-2: Band B

· Electro-Voice RE-2 PRO: Band B

· Telex FMR-500: Band B

· Telex SAFE-1000: Band B

Replacement transmitters and receivers for these bands will be for sale until February 2009 to support the systems in the field.

There will be more developments regarding the 700 MHz band and White Space issues in the coming months, and we will keep you informed. Until the DTV transition happens and things start to settle down, we understand that customers are going to be wary of investing in wireless products. That said, we would again like to emphasize that frequency bands under 698 MHz are completely viable going forward; the world will still need wireless when all this passes, and we have the products to meet those needs!

Equipment List

RE-1 Bodypack
CSB-1000 RE-1 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-1 Handheld
CSH-1000 RE-1 Handheld Transmitter

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

RE-1 Receiver Dual
CDR-1000 Dual RE-1 Receiver

RE-2 Bodypack
BPU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-2 Handheld
HTU2 Handheld Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Bodypack
WTU-2 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Handheld
PHTU2 Handheld Transmitter

RE-2 PRO Receiver
RE-2 Professional Receiver w/Rackmount Hardware

RE-2 Receiver
UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

RE-2 Systems
Packaged RE-2 Wireless Systems

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