Bosch Communications Systems Dealer honored by Governor of Minnesota

October 1, 2008

For more than 10 years NLFX has employed Bradley Olson, who has been diagnosed with autism, in a key role with the company. Bradley works as a member of the marketing team where he manages content for the company’s website.

NLFX founder, Ben Stowe, remarked, “Bemidji accounts for only 1.7% of our business, so the internet is critical to our ability to reach the other 98%. Bradley’s work is very important because many times we only get one shot at a first impression with the web, and if data isn’t correct you don’t have the benefit of a live person explaining the mistake. The potential customer will simply move on to another site.“

“He comes to work smiling every day. It’s a pleasure to have him in the office.”

Bradley works closely with Sam Wike, a 15 year veteran of the company. Sam said of Bradley, “He comes to work smiling every day. It’s a pleasure to have him in the office. He shares in our mission and his enthusiasm often challenges us to rise to his level.“

The Governor’s council reviewed more than 40 nominations of companies that employ persons with developmental disabilities prior to making their selection. The Council sent representatives who conducted on-site interviews with nomination finalists. During this interview Bradley said, “I like the whole package of what I do here.“ An interesting note about NLFX’s nomination is that it came from Bradley himself. That fact was notable enough to be brought up during the presentation. Stowe said, “I think that shows what a tremendous person Bradley is. He is very attentive. He often encourages us to look at a new product or technology.“

Stowe continued, “We’re too small of a company to employ anyone who is not productive and able to help us work towards our common goals. When they asked me how many disabled people we employed, I told them that we did not employ disabled people. We only employ qualified people. We have found Bradley to be a tremendous asset to our team. He’s very committed to the company and you can count on him like the sunrise. I’m surprised more businesses have not tapped into people with developmental disabilities as a resource. If you play to a person’s strengths, whatever they might be, you will almost always get good results.“

The Governor’s Council also presented Bradley with a certificate which Stowe accepted on his behalf. Bradley could not attend the ceremony because he is participating in a study on autism at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pictured left to right: Stacey Vogele, Council Member, Roberta Blomster, Council Member, US District Court Judge Donovan Frank, NLFX founder Ben Stowe, Shamus O’Meara, Council Chair, Linda Obright, Council Member

NLFX is a worldwide provider of audio, video, lighting and surveillance equipment and systems based in the Bemidji Industrial Park. NLFX represents more than 30,000 products from greater than 80 industry leading brands, and has been recognized nationally for system designs and installations.

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