Ohio Church opens its doors to Electro-Voice

December 3, 2008

NPi Audio Visual Solutions of Cleveland recently installed a state-of-the-art Electro-Voice XLD line array loudspeaker sound system for the Church of the Open Door in Elyria, Ohio. This new system install was part of a comprehensive plan to improve the church’s ability to communicate more clearly and effectively. The result has been a vast improvement in the sound quality of the church’s worship experiences. The new system is also a money-saving solution for the church, which had for years been renting expensive audio equipment to accommodate the large number of semi-national and national artists who perform in its sanctuary.Jim Madden of NPi and Jason Jacquemain of Electro-Voice reps C.L. Pugh & Associates, Inc. partnered with a team of designers and acoustic consultants, including Don Mitchell of DSM & Associates, Church of the Open Door’s Technical Director Jason Brown, and Pastor of Worship Arts Chad Doran, to help address Church of the Open Door’s worship needs and the acoustic challenges the sanctuary presented.
“I spec EV in everything I do, says Madden, because no matter the volume level the boxes sound good.”

“The space is a rectangle,“ says Jim Madden, “it’s concrete block, has a large balcony, a high ceiling, and it seats about 1,200. The biggest challenge was managing the tremendous cross-flutter in the room. Don Mitchell of DSM & Associates engineered the acoustical treatment, and, coupled with the XLD’s amazing pattern control, the space has really been tamed.“

Arrays of eight XLD281 loudspeakers per side cover the sanctuary at Church of the Open Door, with two QRx 218S subwoofers on the floor and two FRi+122/94 cabinets for lip fills.

“This system gives the church exactly what it needs,“ says Madden. “We certainly needed vertical control to cover above and below the balcony, and a huge seating area. And the XLD’s 120-degree controllable horizontal coverage (down to 250 Hz) gave us the precision we needed to reach the back seats without reflecting off the side walls. I approached Jason Jacquemain with a system design, he put everything into EV’s line array prediction software (LAPS) and then EASE, and we put the system up from there-it works as well in the room as it said it would on the digital model.“

The system is controlled by two EV Dx38 processors, and powered by seven CPS 2.8 amplifiers with one CP4000S amp to power the subwoofers. The church supplied its own wedges for the system.

“I spec EV in everything I do,“ says Madden, “because no matter the volume level the boxes sound good. And because the Church of the Open Door does both traditional and contemporary services, their volume levels are constantly changing. And, with the added demands of touring acts coming through, you need a flexible, capable system that can handle everything. The XLD does just that.“

When the time came to test their new system, Madden decided to use one of Church of the Open Door’s own to experiment with the new sound system. Worship Arts pastor Chad Doran is an accomplished acoustic guitarist and vocalist.

“You can put a CD in and make any system sound decent, but my test was having Chad perform as though it were Sunday morning, which is about the most revealing thing I can do to a system. And when he started singing, everyone listening was extremely pleased. We then tested with the beautiful grand piano on Church of the Open Door’s stage; another tough test for most systems. The articulation and warmth of the system was very powerful. Aside from the compact size of the system, the quality of the components inside the boxes makes all the difference.“

And the congregation can expect the same effect week after week with Jason Brown, the church’s Technical Director and his team, managing the system.

“Jason played an integral part in the design and application of this system,“ says Madden, “and it’s great that he really knows how to mix, because the system just smokes when put to task. A lot of churches have A/V people, but not many have someone as talented as Jason in charge of their equipment.“

The church is already reaping the benefits of having their own Electro-Voice system. One performer, upon whom the church normally spends extra money for equipment rental, recently came to their sanctuary for a show and was very well pleased with the new EV system.

Church of the Open Door is very happy with their new sound, and the church is looking to expand their system with more EV equipment. Madden and Jacquemain are scheduled to demo EV wired and wireless microphones to replace the church’s older systems, so that, moving ahead, the Church of the Open Door will have a complete input-to-output Electro-Voice system.

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Equipment List

QRx 118S
Compact 18" Subwoofer

120° Horizontal, 3-Way Compact Line Array Element

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